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Silicone Lens Warning Light for Automobile

  • Made of imported optical liquid silicone

  • Optical liquid silicone overmolded with PCB

  • Custom made optical silicone lens for automobile warning light

  • 100K class clean production workshop

  • Welcome OEM

Product Description

Item No.: YJWL

Item Name: Custom Made Silicone Lens Warning Light for Automobile

Material: Optical Liquid Silicone

Material Brand: KCC

Color: Clear

Process: LSR Overmolding Injection- Deflashing- Inspection- Packing- Shipping

Wokshop: 100K Class Clean Production Workshop

Size: As 3D Drawing


  1. Made of high quality and ultra transparent liquid optical silicone raw materials.

  2. Processing by LSR overmolding, with high precision injection machine, at accurate injection dose.

  3. 100,000 class clean production workshop, highly welcome custom made optical silicone lens.

  4. Over 10 years of experience in producing silicone products, 8 Japanese engineers, at over 30 years of experience, we can help do the DFM for potential risks at mass production.

  5. We're looking forward to hearing from you, call us at 0086-769-81775079.