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UV Resistant Lightweight No Yellowing Transparent LSR Injection Molding TIR Lens

  • Made of ultra transparent optical liquid silicone

  • UV resistant, no yellowing TIR lens

  • Easy to demould and fit to the final application

  • Excellent performance in light distribution

  • Reduced cycle time and manufacturing costs

  • Welcome OEM or ODM orders

Product Description

Item No.: YJTL

Item Name: UV Resistant Lightweight No Yellowing Transparent LSR Injection Molding TIR Lens Supplier

Material: Momentive LSR7080

Hardness: 80 Shore A

Color: Transparent

Machine: ARBURG LSR Injection Molding Machine

Process: LSR Injection Molding- Deflashing- Inspection- Dust Free- Packing- Shipping

Feature: UV Resistant, No Yellowing, Easy Demoulding, lightweight, effcient in light distribution, etc.

Application: LED, Auto Headlight, etc.


  1. This TIR lens is made of ultra transparent liquid silicone imported from Momentive.

  2. High flexibility and high efficient in injection moulding process.

  3. LSR injection molding TIR lens reduced manufacturing costs and cycle time in liquid injection molding.

  4. Liquid silicone lens are with excellent performance in demanding harsh environments, such as, high heat, high humidity and UV exposure.

  5. Preserves and enhances the optical properties, high efficiency in light distribution.

  6. Micro crack resistant and high temperature resistant.

  7. Easy fit to the final application.

  8. Over 10 years experience in producing liquid silicone products, with 5 Japanese engineers focus on mold design for more than 30 years, and world class mold manufacturing equipment, welcome to visit our factory.