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High Temperature Resistance Silicon Matrix

  • 1. Model No.: YJ-91

  • 2. Material: Momentive LSR7080 optical liquid silicone

  • 3. Technology: Liquid Injection Molding

  • 4. Machine: ARBURG liquid injection molding machine

  • 5. Workshop: 100K class clean production workshop

  • 6. Feature: UV& temperature resistance silicon matrix

Product Description

High Temperature Resistance LSR Molding Silicon Matrix, Anti-yellowing Silicon Matrix for ADB Headlights

As the LSR molding silicon matrix supplier in China, Yejia silicone has set up class 100,000 clean production workshop and class 10,000 clean inspection room for optical silicon lenses, if you're looking for custom silicon matrix for ADB headlights, welcome to contact us.

Silicone LED Optical Lenses

Production Specification

This LSR injection molding silicon matrix is also called LED condensor, the light guides are designed with different angles, which suits for adpative driving beam automotive headlights. The optical liquid silicone has great flexibility and low viscocity, these characteristics make the product can be with complex, micro-structure and partial under-cut design. By LSR overmolding injection, the lightweight of optical silicon matrix has been decreased a lot. If you're looking for customized LSR led optical silicon matrix for automotive headlights, welcome to contact us.

Item No.:YJ-91
Product Name: High Temperature Resistance Silicon Matrix
Material: Momentive LSR7080
Hardness: 80 Shore A
Color: Transparent
Process: LSR Injection Molding- Deflashing- Inspection- Post Curing- Dust Free- Warehouse- Shipping
Machine: Arburg LSR Injection Molding Machine
Packaging:PE Film, Blister Tray, Carton

The silicon matrix is made of eco-friendly super clear Momentive LSR7080 optical liquid silicone, processed by LSR injection molding, producing in 100,000 class clean production workshop. The Arburg liquid injection molding machines is with accurate injection dose, perfectly suits for production of high precision optical silicon matrix.

High Temperature Resistance Silicon Matrix

LSR Molding Silicon Matrix Optical Performance

DOWSIL Moldable SiliconePCPMMAGlass
Light Transmittance94%88-90%93%95%
Refractive Index1.421.581.491.52
UV ResistanceHighLowMediumHigh
Chemical ResistanceMediumMediumLowHigh
Service Temperature Masimum (℃)> 15012090>200
Micro Detail ReplicationHighLowMediumLow
Ability to Mold Large and Thick PartsHighLowLowMedium
Minimum Thickness★★<0.5mm2mm2mm-
Draft Angle (Manufacturing)★★<0°1 to 2°1 to 2°-
Flexible Material- IntegrationHighLowLowLow

Silicone LED Optical Lenses

Our Advantage

Yejia Silicone is a professional manufacturer of precision LSR injection molding products, with our own Plastic Division& Optical Division. Since 2009, we have supplied various silicone molding products to many brands, for example, food grade silicone valves to TUPPERWARE, medical silicone wound drainage ball to SUMITOMO and optical lenses to Molex. If you're looking for high power, UV resistance, high temperature resistance and long life time LED optical silicon matrix, please feel free to contact us.

Silicone LED Optical Lenses

In-plant Mold Making Department

Silicone LED Optical Lenses

Class 100,000 Clean Production Workshop

Silicone LED Optical Lenses

Our Certification

Our factory has been certified by ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO13485& IATF16949, also, we've been authroized as Sony Green Partner for supplying VR covers.

Silicone LED Optical Lenses


Q: What's your advantage to produce LSR injection molding silicon matrix?

A: With professional engineering, mold making and silicone molding teams, not matter the production equipment, or company qualification, our factory has been the top manufacturer of LSR molding silicone lenses, should any chance, welcome to visit our factory.

Q: What's the advantage to use liquid silicone material to make LED silicon matrix?

A: Comparing to Plastic, the properties of light transmittance, anti-yellowing and weathering resistance are better. Comparing to Glass, the optical liquid silicone is easy to shape, the fluidity makes the complex or micro-structure designs moldable.

Q: Can you design LSR optical silicon matrix?

A: We regret that our factory mainly do OEM service, we can't do product design for now.

Q: Can I get samples of the silicon matrix?

A: Yes, free samples can be offered, shipping costs to be freight collect.

Q: What should be offered for customize LSR molding optical silicon matrix?

A: Please offer us 3D and 2D drawings with specific requirements.

Q: What's the lead time for custom liquid silicon matrix?

A: For prototype mold, the lead time is 15-20 working days, for production mold, it's 25-30 working days.