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LSR Overmolding HUD Backlight Silicon Lens

  • 1. Made of imported optical liquid silicone and PCB

  • 2. Separate 100K class clean optical silicon lens workshop 

  • 3. Arburg horizontal LSR injection molding machines

  • 4. Everfine light distribution performance test system

  • 5. Welcome custom silicon lenses

Product Description

High Temperature Resistant HUD Backlight Silicon Lens, LSR Overmolding HUD Silicon Lens Supplier in China

Yejia Silicone is the professional manufacturer of LSR injection molding silicone molded products, with over 20 years of experiences, we have successfully supplied the LSR overmolding silicone lens for HUD backlight model. For custom optical silicon lens, welcome to contact us.

LSR Overmolding HUD Backlight Silicon Lens

Product Specification

The HUD backlight silicon lens is made of ultra transparent optical LSR material, processed by LSR overmolding injection in class 100,000 clean production workshop, by Arburg horizontal LSR injection molding machine. With class 10,000 clean inspection room for light performance testing, advanced inspection instrument to ensure production quality. The temperatue resistance of silicon lens ranges from -40 Celsius degrees to 150 Celsius degrees, which makes it has very good environmental resistance performance.

Item No.: YJ-87
Item Name: LSR Overmolding HUD Backlight Silicon Lens
Material: Optical Silicon+ PCB
Hardness: 70 Shore A
Surface Polish: A1
Process: PCB Primer-LSR Overmolding molding-Deflashing-Full Inspection- Illuminance Check-Dust Removal-Packing-Delivery
Machine: Arburg 420C Liquid Injection Molding Machine
Machine tonnage: 120T
Workshop: 100K class clean production workshop
PackagingPE Flim, Blister Tray, Carton

LSR Overmolding HUD Backlight Silicon Lens

HUD Silicon Lens Performance

With great fluidity and flexibility, the optical liquid slicone can achieve various complex and lightweight designs for customized silicon lens. After 3000 hours  85℃/ 85% aging testing, the silicon lens is no changing, and the anti-yellowing effect is way much better than PMMA& PC lenses.

LSR Overmolding HUD Backlight Silicon Lens

Our Advantage

Our factory specializes in producing high precision food grade, medical grade and optical grade silicone molded products, such as, food grade silicone valves, medical grade silicone brushes, optical silicon LED Lens, both solid silicone processed by compression molding and liquid silicone processed by Liquid injection Molding/ Overmolding are available. For over 13 years, our factory has established the cooperation with many Fortune 500 enterprises. For now, we have 39 sets liquid injection molding machines and 6 sets precision vacuum compression molding machines, most of our engineers are with over 20 years experiences in silicone molding. For custom silicon lens, welcome to contact us.

LSR Overmolding HUD Backlight Silicon Lens

In-house Mold Making Workshop

To ensure the tight tolerance for silicone molds, our factory has set up our own mold manufacturing department, welcome to visit our factory.

LSR Overmolding HUD Backlight Silicon Lens

Class 100000 Clean Production Workshop

As an OEM supplier of custom LSR molding silicon lenses, our optical cleanroom has 9 sets Arburg horizontal injection molding machines for now, and have supplied many kinds of custom optical silicon lenses to brand automotive makers, we're looking forward to cooperating with you.

LSR Overmolding HUD Backlight Silicon Lens

Quality Control

Quality is our diginity, this has been kept in mind by every quality engineer. Not a single defective product should flow out from our production line.

LSR Overmolding HUD Backlight Silicon Lens


Q: What's optical silicone?

A: Optical silicone is a bi-component ultra-transparent liquid silicone rubber material, with very good optical properties and flame resistance. Under long-term harsh environment, for example, under high temperature or UV radiation, the color keeps stable and the optical clarity maintains. In addition, the excellent processing properties enable it to be manufactured to tight tolerance complex or micro-structure optical parts, which brings new possibilities for cutting-edge technology in LED high-powered automotive lighting and electronics.

Q: What's the advantage to choose liquid silicone to make optical silicon lens?

A: Comparing to Plastic, the properties of light transmittance, anti-yellowing and weathering resistance are better. Comparing to Glass, the optical liquid silicone is easy to shape, the fluidity makes the complex or micro-structure designs moldable.

Q: What's the level of your clean production workshop?

A: Currently, for Liquid Injection Molding, the workshop is Class 100,000, while for plastic, our factory has Class 10,000, or even Class 1,000 clean workshops.

Q: Can you design the optical silicon lens?

A: For now, we just do OEM designs. Our team is unable to do the product design.

Q: What should I offer to custom silicon lens?

A: Pls. offer us 3D drawing and performance requests, so our engineering team can evaluate accordingly.

Q: Can I visit your factory?

A: Yes, should any interest, highly welcome to visit us.