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Liquid Silicone Optical LED Lens by LSR Injection Molding

  • Made of Dow Corning high quality transparent liquid silicone materail

  • Super glossy surface texture

  • Processed by liquid silicone rubber injection molding

  • Imported ARBURG injection machine

  • 100K class clean production workshop

  • Welcome OEM orders

Product Description

Product Name: Super Glossy Optical Silicone Lens

Material: Dow Corning MS1002

Hardness: 72 Shore A

Process: LSR Injection Molding- Deflashing- Inspection- Dust Free- Warehouse- Shipping

Machine: ARBURG

Color: Transparent

Dimension: As Drawing (Customized)

Feature: Optical

Application: LED Lights


1. Made of high quality super clear optical liquid silicone raw materials.

2. By LSR injection molding, producing in 100,000 class clean production workshop.

3. For LED lights, custom made silicone optical lens.

4. Specializing in producing silicone products for 10 years, with our own Plastic Division& Optical Division, highly welcome OEM/ ODM orders.

5. Welcome to visit our factory at any time.