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13 Light Guides LSR Lens

  • 1. Model No.: YJ-99

  • 2. Product Name: 13 Light guides LSR lens

  • 3. Material: Optical liquid silicone

  • 4. Light Transmittance: 94%

  • 5. Refractive Index: 1.41

  • 6. Mold Making: In-house mold making department

  • 7. Feature: Anti-UV, non-yellowing effect

Product Description

Optical Silicone Injection Molding Non-yellowing 13 Light Guides LSR Lens for Matrix LED Headlamp

Light Guides LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber) Lens for Matrix LED Headlamp is a type of lens used in automotive lighting systems, particularly in matrix LED headlamps. The 13 light guides LSR lens is made from a transparent liquid silicone rubber material, then molded by silicone injection molding into a complex shape to guide and distribute light from the LED source. The light guide LSR lens is designed to provide precise control over the distribution of light, allowing for greater flexibility in headlamp design and improved lighting performance. Experienced in manufacturing LSR lenses for matrix LED lights, we highly welcome custom LSR lens with light guides.13 Light Guide LSR Lens

Product Information

13 Light Guide LSR Lens

Model No.: YJ-99
Product Name: 13 Light Guides LSR Lens
Material: Optical Liquid Silicone
Product Size: 50*25*10mm
Hardness: 80 Shore A
Process: Liquid Injection Molding
Optical Surface Finish: SPI A1
Light Transmittance: 94%
Refractive Index: 1.41
Temperature Resistance: -40 to 150℃
Applications: Matrix LED Headlamps

Benefits of Light Guide LSR Lens

Light guide LSR lens has, but not limited to below benefits, and is now a popular choice for matrix LED headlamps in the automotive industry.

- Improved lighting performance: Light guide LSR lenses provide precise control over the distribution of light, resulting in improved lighting performance. This includes greater brightness, color uniformity, and contrast.

- Greater design flexibility: Light guide LSR lenses allow for greater design flexibility in headlamp design. The lenses can be customized to achieve specific lighting performance characteristics, which allows for more creative and innovative designs.

- Improved energy efficiency: The use of light guide LSR lenses can result in improved energy efficiency. This is because they reduce the amount of wasted light and minimize heat generation.

- Durable and reliable: Light guide LSR lenses are highly durable and reliable. They can withstand harsh environmental conditions, making them ideal for use in automotive applications.

- Cost-effective: The production process for light guide LSR lenses is highly efficient and cost-effective, which makes them an attractive option for automotive manufacturers.

13 Light Guide LSR Lens

Liquid Injection Molding Silicon Lens Production Process

The production process for light guide LSR lenses typically involves molding the liquid silicone rubber material into the desired shape using a precision mold. The material is then cured or solidified using heat or UV light to create a durable and transparent lens. The lenses can be produced in high volumes with a high degree of consistency and accuracy, making them an ideal choice for automotive lighting applications.


Q: Can you provide samples of this 13 light guides LSR lens?

A: Yes, free samples can be provided, shipping costs is paid by customers.

Q: Can I order some of this silicone injection molding LSR lens?

A: We regret that the mold belongs to our customer's, we can't use it to arrange mass production for other customers.

Q: What is the advantages of light guide LSR lens?

A: The advantages include improved lighting performance, greater design flexibility, improved energy efficiency, durability, and cost-effectiveness.

Q: What is the material used to make Light Guide LSR Lens for Matrix LED Headlamp? 

A: The lenses are made from a transparent liquid silicone rubber material.

Q: What shall be provided to customize a liquid silicon lens?

A: Please provide us 3D and 2D drawings for evaluation?

Q: What's the maximum light guides can you do for silicon matrix?

A: For now, the max. light guides we've produced is 84pcs.

Q: Can I visit your factory?

A: Yes, highly welcome to visit us at your convenience.