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Silicone Brush Manufacturer

  • 1. Model No.: YJ-61

  • 2. Material: Nusil medical liquid silicone& high temperature resistant plastic

  • 3. Process: LSR Overmolding Injection

  • 4. Workshop: Over 10,000 square meters silicone molding workshops

  • 5. Feature: LSR overmolded facial cleansing silicone brush

  • 6. Mold: Customized

  • 7. MOQ: 10,000pcs/ lot

Product Description

LSR Overmolding Medical Grade Facial Cleansing Silicone Brush Manufacturer

Facial cleansing silicone brushes have become increasingly popular in recent years as a gentle and effective way to cleanse the skin. When it comes to top-of-the-line silicone brushes, YEJIA is a high-end silicone brush manufacturer that stands out for its commitment to quality and innovation. With a team of experts in mold design and mold making, as well as clean production workshops, YEJIA has the expertise and experience to manufacture silicone brushes that meet the needs of customers worldwide.


Silicone Brush Manufacturer

Product Information

What sets the silicone brushes YEJIA manufactured apart is the use of medical grade silicone, which ensures they are safe and gentle for use on the skin. Medical grade silicone is specifically designed for medical applications and is bio-compatible, meaning it does not cause any harm to the body upon contact. Thus, silicone brushes made from medical-grade silicone are ideal for face cleansing as they are gentle on the skin and do not cause any irritation or damage.

Silicone Brush Manufacturer

Model No.: YJ-61
Product Name: Facial Cleansing Silicone Brush
Material: Medical Grade Liquid Silicone+ Plastic
Hardness: 30 Shore A
Color: White, Gray, Pink (Pantone Number)
Workshop: Clean Silicone Molding Workshop
Process: LSR Overmolding
Waterproof: YES
Application: Facial Cleansing

Brand: For LG


The silicone brush manufacturing process involves LSR overmolding, which ensures that the brush is durable and long-lasting. LSR overmolding is an ideal manufacturing process for producing silicone brushes as it allows for precise control over the shape and size of the brush. The liquid silicone rubber is injected onto a pre-existing substrate, which can be made from a variety of materials such as plastic or metal. This process ensures that the silicone brush is durable and long-lasting, making it an ideal choice for daily use. LSR overmolding also allows for the production of silicone brushes with complex shapes and designs. This means that silicone brush manufacturers can create brushes that are specifically designed for different areas of the face, such as around the eyes or nose. This level of customization ensures that users get the most effective cleansing experience possible.

Silicone Brush Manufacturer

Silicone Brush Manufacturer

YEJIA is a high-end silicone brush manufacturer with extensive experience in silicone overmolding with other materials. This allows us to create silicone facial cleansing brushes that are not only effective at cleansing the skin but also durable and long-lasting. Whether you need a facial cleansing silicone brush that can withstand frequent use or one that can handle exposure to harsh chemicals, YEJIA has the knowledge and skills to deliver.

Silicone Brush Manufacturer

YEJIA is also committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility. We strive to minimize waste and reduce their carbon footprint through efficient production processes and responsible sourcing of materials. This not only benefits the planet but also ensures that customers can feel good about using products that are both effective and eco-friendly. If you're looking for a facial cleansing silicone brush manufacturer that can deliver high-quality products with a focus on innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, look no further than YEJIA. With 1000,000 class clean production workshop, in-plant mold design and mold making team, and experience in silicone overmolding with other materials, we are the ideal partner for anyone looking to create top-of-the-line facial cleansing silicone brushes that meet the needs of today's discerning consumers.



Q: What is facial cleansing silicone brush?

A: Facial cleansing silicone brush is a tool designed to gently exfoliate and cleanse the skin. It is made of soft silicone bristles that are gentle on the skin and can be used with your favorite cleanser.

Q: How do I clean my facial cleansing silicone brush?

A: Rinse the brush with water after each use and let it air dry. You can also clean it with soap and water or a mild cleanser.

Q: Are there any side effects of using a facial cleansing silicone brush?

A: There are no known side effects of using a facial cleansing silicone brush when used properly. However, if you experience any irritation or discomfort, discontinue use immediately and consult with a dermatologist.