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7.2mm Umbrella Check Valve

  • 1. Model No.: YJ-30

  • 2. Product Name: Silicone Umbrella Check Valve

  • 3. Material: FDA& LFGB Food Safe Silicone

  • 4. Process: Silicone Molding

  • 5. Feature: Flavor Control, Leak Proof

  • 6. Certification: ISO9001, ISO13485, ISO14001& IATF16949

  • 7. MOQ: 50,000pcs

Product Description

Find Durable Silicone Umbrella Check Valves for Various Applications | Leading Manufacturer YEJIA

Silicone umbrella check valve is a crucial part of water bottle flavor control. It is a one-way valve that allows the liquid to flow in only one direction and prevents it from flowing back. The valve is made of high-quality silicone material that is durable and long-lasting. YEJIA use advanced mold making and inspection equipment to create molds that are precise and consistent, ensuring that each valve we produce meets the required specifications. We understand the importance of precise dimensions in the production of silicone umbrella check valves, and we have implemented strict quality control measures to ensure that each valve we produce meets the required specifications. This attention to detail has earned us a reputation for excellence in the industry of silicone valves.

7.2mm Umbrella Check Valve

 Product Information

Silicone umbrella check valve ensures that the flavor of the liquid in the water bottle remains consistent throughout use. The valve prevents the liquid from flowing back into the bottle, which can dilute the flavor and affect the overall taste. Also, silicone umbrella check valve prevents leaks and spills, which is especially important when transporting the bottle. The valve ensures that the liquid does not leak out even when the bottle is turned upside down. 


7.2mm Umbrella Check Valve

Item No.: YJ-30
Product Name: Silicone Umbrella Check Valve
Material: FDA& LFGB Approved Silicone
Process: Silicone Molding
Outer Diameter: 7.2mm
Height: 10.6mm
Slit Cutting: N.A.
Hardness: 50 Shore A
Application: Water Bottles


Silicone umbrella check valves are a versatile and reliable choice for many industries. Their durability, ease of installation, and resistance to temperature make them a popular choice for businesses that require precision and reliability in their operations. With their environmentally friendly design, they are also a responsible choice for businesses looking to promote sustainability.

7.2mm Umbrella Check Valve

 Silicone Umbrella Check Valve Leading Manufacturer

YEJIA is a top-tier manufacturer of silicone umbrella check valves, with a wealth of experience in silicone molding, dimensions control, and silicone valve manufacturing. Our commitment to quality and customer service has earned us a loyal following in the industry, and we continue to be a trusted partner for clients across various industries in need of custom silicone products. For custom silicone umbrella check valves, welcome to contact us.

7.2mm Umbrella Check Valve

People Also Ask

Q: What is a silicone umbrella check valve?

A: A silicone umbrella check valve is a type of one-way valve that allows fluid or gas to flow in one direction only. It consists of a flexible silicone diaphragm that opens and closes in response to pressure changes, creating a seal to prevent backflow.

Q: What are the advantages of using silicone umbrella check valves?

A: Silicone umbrella check valves have several advantages, including low cost, high durability, excellent temperature resistance, and low cracking pressure. They are also easy to install and maintain, making them ideal for a wide range of applications.

Q: How do I choose the right size silicone umbrella check valve for my application?

A: The size of the silicone umbrella check valve you need depends on the flow rate, pressure, and temperature of your application. 

Q: How do I install silicone umbrella check valves?

A: Silicone umbrella check valves can be installed in-line with your existing piping using compression fittings or adhesive bonding. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for best results.

Q: Can silicone umbrella check valves handle high-pressure applications?

A: Yes, silicone umbrella check valves can handle high-pressure applications up to several hundred psi, depending on the specific model and size.

Q: Where can I customize silicone umbrella check valves?

A: YEJIA is a reputable supplier that offers high-quality silicone valves and excellent customer service. Contact us to customize your silicone umbrella check valve.