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Waterproof Type C Connector

  • 1. Model No.: YJ-152

  • 2. Product Name: Waterproof Type C Connector

  • 3. Material: Liquid Silicone+ Metal

  • 4. Process: Silicone Rubber Overmolding

  • 5. Feature: IP67/IP68 Waterproof Level

  • 6. Mold: Customized

Product Description

Silicone Rubber Overmolding IP67 Waterproof Type C Connector

Silicone rubber overmolding waterproof Type C connector is designed to withstand exposure to water, which is a common occurrence in everyday life. Whether you are using your device in the rain or accidentally spill water on it, a waterproof Type C connector ensures that your device remains functional. This type of connector is particularly useful for individuals who work in harsh environments or those who frequently use their devices outdoors.

Waterproof Type C Connector

Product Information

Waterproof Type C Connector is a versatile product that can be used for a wide range of applications. It is designed to provide a fast and reliable connection between devices, making it ideal for use in high-speed data transfer applications. The Type C Connector is also designed to be reversible, which means that it can be plugged in either way, making it more user-friendly than other connectors. 

Waterproof Type C Connector

Model No.: YJ-152
Product Name: Waterproof Type C Connector
Material: Liquid Silicone+Metal
Hardness: 30 Shore A
Color: Pantone Number
Feature: Waterproof
Waterproof Level: IP67 or IP68
Process: Silicone Rubber Overmolding
Certification: ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO13485, IATF16949
Workshop: 10,000 Square Meters Silicone Molding Workshop

Waterproof Type C connector provides users with the flexibility to use their devices in various environments without worrying about water damage. Whether you are using your device while swimming or in the rain, a waterproof Type C connector ensures that your device remains safe and functional. Waterproof Type C connector also reduces the need for costly repairs or replacements due to water damage. Water damage can be costly to repair, and in some cases, it may not be possible to repair the device. With a waterproof Type C connector, users can avoid these costs and ensure that their devices remain functional for longer.

Waterproof Type C Connector

Waterproof Type C Connector Manufacturing Process

The waterproof Type C connector is made of high-quality silicone and metal materials that are resistant to water and moisture, processed by silicone rubber overmolding. Silicone rubber overmolding process involves the injection of liquid silicone into a mold that contains a metal substrate. The silicone is then cured, creating a strong bond between the metal and the silicone.  The connector is designed to prevent water from entering the device and causing damage. The connector's design includes a silicone rubber seal that to be overmolded with the connector's base, preventing water from entering the device through the connector port. 


Silicone Rubber Overmolding Products Manufacturer

Silicone rubber overmolding Type C Connector is a cutting-edge product that provides a multitude of advantages for both electronic device manufacturers and users. Its exceptional durability, ability to withstand extreme temperatures, and user-friendly design make it an optimal choice for high-speed data transfer applications. At YEJIA, we possess extensive experience in silicone rubber overmolding, and have an in-depth understanding of the unique characteristics of silicone. As a result, we have supplied numerous waterproof electronics to a variety of mobile phone brands. If you are seeking a dependable manufacturer for silicone rubber molding, we welcome you to contact us. Our team is dedicated to delivering high-quality products and exceptional customer service.


People Also Ask

Q: What is silicone rubber overmolding?

A: Silicone rubber overmolding is a process of molding silicone rubber onto a substrate or a pre-existing part to create a protective layer or a functional component.

Q: What are the cost considerations for silicone rubber overmolding?

A: The cost of silicone rubber overmolding depends on several factors, such as the complexity of the design, the material type and volume, the production volume, and the tooling costs. It is essential to balance cost with quality and functionality to achieve the best results.