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LSR Overmolding Waterproof Wifi Universal Joint

  • Made of liquid silicone, PC and steel

  • Processed by plastic injection and LSR overmolding

  • Customized waterproof wifi universal joint

  • Welcome OEM or ODM orders

Product Description

Model No.: YJWJ

Item Name: LSR Overmolding Waterproof Wifi Universal Joint China Supplier

Material: Liquid Silicone, PC, Steel

Process: Materials Preparing- LSR Overmolding- Deflashing- Inspection- Packing- Shipping

Color: White, Black (Pantone Number)

Waterproof Level: IP67/ IP68

Application: Home Security Camera


  1. Made of high quality eco-friendly PC, steel and liquid silicone raw materials.

  2. Processed by plastic injection and LSR overmolding injection.

  3. Waterproof wifi universal joint for outdoor camera.

  4. Custom made design, patterns and colors.

  5. Over 10 years of experience in producing silicone products, highly welcome LSR overmolding products.

Technology Advantage:

High Precision Manufacturing Technology and Mold Design


Silicone Over-molded with Other Materials


Silicone+ LED Lights/ Infrared Laser Parts/ Optical Parts: Seamless Connection by LSR OvermoldingInjection


Silicone+ Aluminum/ SUS/ MIM(Compression Over-molding/ LSR Injection Over-molding)


Silicone+ PC/PA/PET/PPSU (Compression Over-molding/ LSR InjectionOver-molding)


Silicone+ PCB/ FPCB(Compression Over-molding/ LSR Injection Over-molding)


Precision Mold Design & Mold Making


Japanese Technical Team, mold precision tolerance can be within 0.005mm, and R angle can be only 0.1mm, which trulymakes the silicone products without flash.


Design and produce one-way, quantified and customized silicone valve


100K class clean workshop and spraying workshop, to ensure clean environment for production.