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  • Waterproof IR Lampshade

  • Infrared Lampshade

LSR Overmolded Wateproof IR Lampshade for Cellphone

  • Made of optical PC and liquid silicone materials

  • IP68 waterproof grade infrared lampshade

  • Full inspection with 50 times magnifer

  • Mold precision tolerance is within 0.005mm

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Product Description

Product Model: YJIL

Product Name: LSR Overmolded Waterproof Infrared Lampshade for Cell Phone

Material: Optical PC, Liquid Silicone

Process: LSR Overmolding- Deflashing- Waterproof Testing- Inspection- Warehouse- Shipping

Waterproof Grade: IP68

Mold Precision: Within 0.005mm

Flash: Within 0.05mm

Color: Red, Black (Pantone Number)

Dimension: As Drawing

Application: Smart Cellphones


  1. Made of high quality optical PC and liquid silicone raw materails.

  2. Processed by LSR overmolded injection, the mold precision tolerance can be within 0.005mm.

  3. The waterproof grade can be reach to IP68, tested by airtightness instrument and jig.

  4. Sizes, pattarns and colors can be customized.

  5. With over 10 years of experience in LSR injection molding silicone products, welcome OEM or ODM orders.

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LSR Overmolded Wateproof IR Lampshade for Cellphone