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4-Hole One Way Silicone Valve

  • 1. Made of FDA and NSF approved silicone material

  • 2. Designed with 4 holes, the one way silicone valve suits for fast food sauces dispensing

  • 3. Slit type, slit size and colors can be customized

  • 4. One squeeze, multi-dispensing, welcome custom silicone valve

  • 5. ISO9001, ISO14001, IATF16949& ISO13485 certified factory

  • 6. Experienced silicone molding products supplier in China

Product Description

4-Hole One Way Silicone Valve for Inverted Squeeze Bottle Dispensing, Custom One Way Silicone Valve Supplier

Yejia Silicone has produced custom silicone valves for over 13 years, experienced in compression molding, LSR injection molding and overmolding. For now, we have over 10,000 square meters production workshops for custom molded silicone products. High welcome custom silicone valves.

4-Hole One Way Silicone Valve

Product Specification

The one way silicone valve is made of food grade solid silicone raw materials, with FDA& NSF certifications, processed by vacuum compression molding and high precision punching. The multi-dose design is perfectly for inverted squeeze bottle to dispensing ketchup, syrup, mayonnaise, honey or BBQ sauces. If you're looking for this kind of multi-dose silicone valve, welcome to contact us.

Item No.YJ-27
Item Name4-Hole One Way Silicone Valve
MaterialFDA& NSF Approved Silicone
Hardness50 Shore A
Slit TypeCross Slit
Slit Size3*3mm
Dose/ Squeeze4 Doses
Process:Compression Molding
ApplicationInverted Squeeze Bottles

4-Hole One Way Silicone Valve

Product Packaging

For every product, our engineer will design corresponding packaging to ensure the product will be well protected and not deformed while in transportation.

4-Hole One Way Silicone Valve

Our Advantage

Yejia Silicone has produced high quality custom molded silicone products for over 13 years, with years of development, we've supplied silicone valves to 3M, silicon lens to Molex, VR silicone covers to SONY, food grade silicone gaskets to TAKEYA, and many other custom silicone molded products to Fortune 500 enterprises. If you're looking for professional manufacturer of custom one way silicone valves, please feel free to contact us.

4-Hole One Way Silicone Valve

In-plant Mold Making

We've imported many world class mold making equipment and inspection instruments, also, with our experienced Japanese engineers, we highly welcome custom high precision and tight tolerance silicone molded products.

4-Hole One Way Silicone Valve

Silicone Molding Workshop

For now, we have set up different class 100,000 clean production workshops for various silicone molded products, for example, class 100,000 clean automatic punching production workshop for silicone valves. Should any chance, highly welcome to visit our factory.

4-Hole One Way Silicone Valve

Quality Control

Every product has been carefully inspected before shipment. Not a single defective item shall be flow out from our factory. For custom silicone valve, welcome to contact us.

4-Hole One Way Silicone Valve


Our factory has been certified by ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO13485& IATF16949. With completed quality management systems, we have also been authroized as SONY Green Partner for supplying VR silicone covers.

4-Hole One Way Silicone Valve


Q: Can I get samples?

A: Yes, free samples can be provided, shipping costs to be paid by customers.

Q: Can I use the mold of this one way silicone valve?

A: We regret that this mold is customized, if needed, we can help to develop your own production mold.

Q: What's the opening pressure and flow rate of this one way silicone valve?

A: We regret these kinds of data are tested by customers' themselves.

Q: What's the lead time for customized silicone valves?

A: For prototype mold, it's 7-10 working days. For mass production mold, it's 15-25 working days.

Q: What should I provide for custom silicone valves?

A: Please provide us the 2D and 3D drawings.

Q: Can I talk to your engineers?

A: Yes, we can set up the meeting by Google Meet or Teams, so you can discuss with our engineers directly.


4-Hole One Way Silicone Valve