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  • NSF Silicone Valve

  • Ketchup Dispensing Silicone Valve

  • NSF Dispensing Valve

  • Silicone Valve

  • Ketchup Silicone Valve

Ketchup Dispensing NSF Silicone Valve

  • FDA and NSF approved kethcup dispensing valve

  • Custom made multihead silicone valve

  • Slit cut NSF silicone valve

  • No leakage

  • Welcome OEM or ODM orders

Product Description

Item No.: YJSV

Item Name: Custom Made Multihead Ketchup Dispensing NSF Silicone Valve Manufacturer

Material: Solid Silicone

Process: Compression Molding- Second Curing- Punching- Inspection- Packing- Shipping

Color: Transparent

Certification: FDA, NSF

Slit Cut: Cross Slit

Feature: Multihead

Usage: Ketchup or other sauces

Application: Food& Beverage


  1. This NSF silicone valve is made of food grade solid silicone raw materials, with FDA& NSF certifications.

  2. The multihead design is custom made for kethcup dispensing valves.

  3. Processed by vacuum compression molding and high precision punching.

  4. Free samples can be offered for confirmation.

  5. Over 10 years of experience in producing silicone products, we highly welcome OEM or ODM orders.

  6. Our engineers have develop lots of customized silicone valves for customers in worldwide.


Ketchup Dispensing NSF Silicone Valve