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  • silicone toothbrush

  • hands free silicone toothbrush

  • U type silicone toothbrush

LSR Overmolding Silicone Toothbrush for Automatic Hands Free Toothbrush

  • Food grade liquid silicone and PC raw materials

  • Antibacterial hands free silicone toothbrush

  • 70 shore A silicone bristles to clean your teeth softly and deeply

  • Auto dispensing toothpaste U shape silicone toothbrush

  • Colors and patterns can be custom made

  • 100,000 class clean production workshop

Product Description

Product Name: LSR Overmolding LFGB Food Safe U Type Silicone Toothbrush for Automatic Hands Free Toothbrush

Material: LFGB approved Liquid Silicone, Food Grade PC, Antibacterial Agent

Hardness: 70 Shore A

Process: Materials Preparing- LSR Overmolding Injection- Deflashing- Inspection- Dust Free- Warehouse- Shipping

Color: White (Pantone Number)

Dimension: Customized (For Adult)

Feature: Fast& Deep Cleaning, Toothpaste

Application: Personal Care


1. Environment friendly LFGB approved flexible anti-bacterial food grade liquid silicone and PC materials.

2. By LSR over-molding injection, injection temperature is about 120℃。

3. Long and soft bristles, clean your teeth deeply and properly.

4. Toothpaste can be dispensed automatically.

5. Over 10 years of experience in producing silicone rubber products, expert in silicone overmolded with other materials, see below details.

Technology Advantage:

Silicone Over-molded with Other Materials
A-1Silicone+ LED Lights/ Infrared Laser Parts/ Optical Parts (Seamless Connection by LSR Overmolding Injection)
A-2Silicone+ Aluminum/ SUS/ MIM (Compression Over-molding/ LSR Injection Over-molding)
A-3Silicone+ PC/PA/PET/PPSU (Compression Over-molding/ LSR Injection Over-molding)
A-4Silicone+ PCB/ FPCB (Compression Over-molding/ LSR Injection Over-molding)