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  • lsr overmolded waterproof speaker

  • mobile phone waterproof speaker

LSR Overmolded Wateproof Speaker

  • Made of PET, double sided tape and liquid silicone raw materials

  • IP68 waterproof lever mobile phone speaker

  • Provide professional waterproof solution for mobile phone

  • Welcome custom made LSR silicone waterproof parts

Product Description

Model No.: YJWS

Item Name: Factory Custom Made LSR Overmolded Silicone& PET Waterproof Speaker China Supplier

Material: PET, Imported Double Sided Tape (Japan), Liquid Silicone

Waterproof Level: IP68

Color: Pantone Number

Size: As 3D Drawing


  1. Made of high quality PET, imported double sided tape and liquid silicone raw materials.

  2. Waterproof level can reach to IP68.

  3. Custom made waterproof precision parts for mobile phone speaker and microphone.

  4. With over 10 years of experience in LSR overmolding, our engineers will offer the professional waterproof solution for smart phones.

  5. Welcome to visit us, we're looking forward to talking with you face to face.