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Overmolding LSR Speaker Diaphragm

  • 1. Item Name: LSR Speaker Diaphragm

  • 2. Material: Liquid Silicone+ Plastic+ Metal

  • 3. Process: LSR Over-molding

  • 4. Mold Precision: 2um

  • 5. Applications: ANC Headphone, Earphone, Mini Speaker

Product Description

High Quality Precision Overmolding LSR Speaker Diaphragm for ANC Headphone, Earphone, Tiny Speaker

LSR Overmolding Speaker Diaphragm

MaterialLiquid Silicone Rubber (LSR)+ Plastic+ Metal
ProcessLSR Overmolding Injection
Mold Design& MakingIn-house
ApplicationHeadphone, Earphone, Mini Speaker


1. Better consistency of Speaker performance

2. Super big amplitude& Big Loading Power

3. Better Capability of Weather resistance

4. Better Capability of Water Proof

5. Better Yield Rate for assembly

LSR Overmolding Speaker Diaphragm

YEJIA Silicone is dedicated to manufacturing high precision LSR products, the part we manufactured is: the LSR speaker diaphragm inside the earphone (Accoustic) (The position light green indicated)

LSR Overmolding Speaker Diaphragm

LSR speaker diaphragm has revolutionized accoustic sound unit. It ensures that the speaker vibration is more uniform and consistent, which significantly reduces the distortion that is prevalent in traditional headphones. This allows for a dramatic increase in analog in-ear audio performance, providing users with a purer, more pristine audio experience. Even at higher volumes, distortion is extremely low, ensuring a quality listening experience. The LSR speaker diaphragm is particularly impressive in low-frequency performance, offering more possibilities for products such as ANC (active noise cancellation) headphones.

LSR Overmolding Speaker Diaphragm

LSR Overmolding Speaker Diaphragm

LSR Overmolding Speaker Diaphragm

LSR Overmolding Speaker Diaphragm

With the continuous development of one-piece overmolding LSR speaker diaphragm, its application scenarios are becoming more and more diversified. LSR speaker diaphragm can not only provide high-quality sound experience for all kinds of headphones, but also be widely used in micro speakers and other tiny speakers and audio equipment, bringing users a richer and more realistic audio experience.

Our Advantage for Manufacturing Overmolding LSR Speaker Diaphragm

LSR Overmolding Speaker DiaphragmMold Processing Equipment

Advanced imported equipment to ensure the feasibility and stability of mold making.

In-house Mold Making Department

Over 30 years of experience in LSR injection mold design.

Mold Precision

Mold accuracy within 2um.

LSR Overmolding Speaker Diaphragm

LSR Injection Molding

Over 6000 square meters LSR injection molding workshops, including class 100,000 clean workshop, certified by ISO13485, IATF16949, ISO9001& ISO14001.

High precision LSR injection machine: Imported ARBURG& SUMITOMO horizontal LSR injection molding machines, using accurate 2KM mixing system, ensuring the stability and efficiency for mass production.

LSR molding experience: Focus on manufacturing premium quality and precision liquid silicone rubber products for over a decade, we know the characteristics of silicone materials very well, and experienced in LSR molding and over-molding techniques.

LSR Overmolding Speaker DiaphragmPrecision LSR Mold

Precision LSR molds provide extremely high manufacturing accuracy to ensure that the shape, dimensions and surface quality of the LSR speaker diaphragm meet the design requirements. This is critical to the acoustic performance of the diaphragm, as any small dimensional deviation may affect its sound transmission.

High product consistency

LSR speaker diaphragm produced using precision LSR molds have high product consistency. The precision and stability of the mold ensures that each produced LSR speaker diaphragm meets the same standards and requirements, thus improving product quality and customer satisfaction.

LSR Overmolding Speaker Diaphragm

Automatic Feeding

Improve production efficiency: The automatic feeding system greatly shortens the production cycle of LSR speaker diaphragm. This helps enterprises to improve production speed, respond quickly to market demand, and increase product competitiveness.

Reduce labor costs: The traditional feeding process requires manual participation, which is not only time-consuming and labor-intensive, but also susceptible to human factors. The automatic feeding system reduces manual operation, reduces labor costs, and also reduces production losses caused by human error.

Improve product quality: The automatic feeding system can ensure the loading accuracy and consistency of the LSR speaker diaphragm through precise control systems and sensors. This helps to reduce the rate of defects in the production process and improve product quality and customer satisfaction.

Safety improvement: The automatic feeding system is equipped with safety monitoring and alarm functions, which can detect and deal with abnormal situations in time to ensure production safety.

LSR Overmolding Speaker Diaphragm50 Times CCD Magnified Full Inspection

High-precision quality inspection: With 50 times magnification, inspectors can clearly observe the microstructure and details of the LSR speaker diaphragm surface. This helps to accurately detect problems such as tiny defects, foreign objects, bubbles or cracks that may exist on the acoustic diaphragm. This high-precision testing ensures that the quality of the LSR acoustic diaphragm reaches extremely high standards.


Ensure product consistency: The full inspection process ensures that each piece of LSR speaker diaphragm has undergone strict testing to ensure consistency between products. This consistency is critical to the acoustic performance and reliability of the speaker diaphragm, especially in applications requiring high-precision sound conduction.


Q: What is LSR speaker diaphragm?

A: LSR speaker diaphragm, also know as accoustic film or membrane, is an integral part of a loudspeaker's vibration system and is used to achieve electroacoustic conversion. It's made of liquid silicone, sphere and bracket, and processed by LSR injection molding.

Q: What are the advantages of LSR speaker diaphragm?

A: The LSR speaker diaphragm offers several advantages. Firstly, it provides better consistency of speaker performance, ensuring a reliable and uniform sound output. Additionally, it allows for super big amplitude and big loading power, enhancing the overall audio quality. Moreover, it exhibits better capability of weather resistance and water proofing, making it suitable for various environmental conditions. Lastly, it enables a better yield rate for assembly, contributing to efficient and cost-effective production processes.

Q: What's the lead time to custom LSR speaker diaphragms?

A: For prototype tool, it is about 15-18 working days, and for mass production molds, the lead time is about 25-30 working days.