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LFGB Approved Transparent Silicone Button for Electric Toothbrush

  • Made of food safe LFGB& FDA approved silicone

  • Highly transparent silicone button

  • Matt surface texture, no sticking

  • 70 Shore A custom silicone button

  • Free samples

Product Description

Item No.: YJSB

Item Name: LFGB& FDA Approved Food Safe Transparent Silicone Button for Electric Toothbrush

Material: Solid Silicone

Color: Transparent

Process: Vacuum Precision Compression Molding- Deflashing- Second Curing- Dust Free- Packing- Shipping

Hardness: 70 Shore A

Size: As 3D Drawing

Pattern: Custom Made

Application: For electric toothbrush


  1. Made of environment friendly food safe LFGB and FDA approved solid silicone raw material.

  2. 70 Shore A high elastic silicone button for pressing.

  3. Processed by vacuum compression molding, with full inspection.

  4. Custom silicone buttons with various sizes and patterns.

  5. Over 5000 square meters workshop, 26 sets LSR injection molding machines, 6 sets compression molding machines, welcome to visit our factory.