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Overmolding Leakproof Bite Silicone Control Valves

  • Made of food grade solid silicone and PA raw materials

  • Processed by overmolding silicone bite valves

  • Leak-proof dispensing silicone control valves

  • Welcome customized silicone control valves

  • Free samples can be offered

Product Description

Product Name: Over-molding Leak-proof Bite Silicone Control Valves for Sports Water Bottles

Material: Food Grade Solid Silicone and Food Grade PA

Hardness: 50 Shore A

Process: Compression Over-molding

Color: Red (Pantone Number)

Diameter: Customized

Slit Options: Cross Slit

Slit Size: 5*5mm

Product Viscosities: Water

Application: Sports Water Bottle


1. High quality eco-friendly food grade silicone and PA raw materials.

2. Silicone overmolded with PA, rigid silicone dispensing valve.

4. One hand dispensing valve for sports water bottle.

5. For customized silicone valves, 3D and 2D drawings are needed for evaluation.

6. Our engineers highly suggest to open the testing mold to confirm the structure at first.

5. Over 10 years of experience in LIM and LSR over-molding, highly welcome to visit our factory at your convenience.


Overmolding Leakproof Bite Silicone Control Valves