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12.5mm Silicone Duckbill One Way Valve

  • 1. FDA approved food grade solid silicone

  • 2. High precision vacuum compression molding

  • 3. Sizes and slit cuts can be custom made

  • 4. Over 10 years of experiences in producing silicone molded products

  • 5. Free samples are available for quality confirmation12.5mm Silicone Duckbill One Way Valve

Product Description

Custom Silicone Duckbill One Way Valve, Compression Molding Duckbill One Way Valves Manufacturer

Yejia Silicone produces quality and leak proof silicone duckbill one way valves for over 13 years, with professional engineering team, in-house mold making team, experienced silicone molding team, we highly welcome custom duckbill one way valves.

12.5mm Silicone Duckbill One Way Valve

Product Specification

The duckbill one way valve is made of food grade elastic and super flexible solid silicone , approved by FDA, and it's processed by high precision vacuum compression molding, the slit cut can be customized. Silicone duckbill one way valve is to prevent the liquid back flow and allow liquid to dispense, which perfectly suits for liquid soap, disinfections, hand sanitizer and other liquids. If you're looking for custom duckbill one way valve, welcome to contact us.

Item No.:YJ-17
Product Name:Silicone Duckbill One Way Valve
Material:FDA Food Grade Silicone
Process:Compression Molding
Hardness:50 ±5 Shore A
Outer Diameter:12.5mm
Slit Type:I Shape
Slit Size:4mm
Application:Prevent Liquid to Back Flow

12.5mm Silicone Duckbill One Way Valve

Duckbill One Way Valve 2D Drawing

If needed, 2D drawing and free samples can be provided to design your dispensing systems.

12.5mm Silicone Duckbill One Way Valve

Product Packaging

For custom duckbill one way valves, our engineer will evaluate and design the most reasonable packaging, so to ensure the products are well protected while in transportation.

12.5mm Silicone Duckbill One Way Valve

Our Advantage

With over ten years of experience in silicone molding products, experienced in compression molding, LSR injection molding and overmolding, we have over 10,000 square meters production workshop for silicone molded products. Also, for different silicone products, we've set up various class 100,000 clean production workshops, for example, automatic punching production workshop for silicone valves. Welcome custom rubber duckbill one way valves.

12.5mm Silicone Duckbill One Way Valve

Production Workshop

For now, we have 3 silicone molding workshops, workshop I for silicone valves and consumer silicone products, workshop II for smart wearables and workshop III for medical silicone components and optical silicon lens.

12.5mm Silicone Duckbill One Way Valve

Quality Control

Our factory has many advanced inspection instruments to help control the product quality, customer's satisfication is the final goal, every empolyee has kept in mind. For custom silicone molded products, welcome to contact us.

12.5mm Silicone Duckbill One Way Valve

Customization Process

Working as a whole team to serve for each project, if you're looking for high quailty silicone molding products factory, welcome to contact us. We'll offer the best quotation and help to minimize the risks for mass production. Contact us to get the best price for checking.

12.5mm Silicone Duckbill One Way Valve


Q: Can I get samples?

A: Yes, free samples can be offered, shipping costs to be freight collect.

Q: Can I use the mold of this duckbill one way valve?

A: Yes, this mold is public, which means customers no need to develop new mold.

Q: Can I change the slit size?

A: Yes, slit size can be changed, we need to develop a new high precision punching tool.

Q: What's the MOQ for this silicone duckbill one way valve?

A: The MOQ is 10,000pcs.

Q: What's the opening pressure of this duckbill one way valve?

A: For now, we mainly do leak proof test, for opening pressure and flow rate, these tests are done by our customers themselves.

Q: What's the lead time for silicone duckbill one way valves?

A: For quantities under 50,000pcs, the lead time is 10-12 working days. As to large volumes, please contact us, we'll reply to you within 1 working day.

Q: Can I visit your factory?

A: Yes, highly welcome to visit our factory.


12.5mm Silicone Duckbill One Way Valve