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Commendation on SONY PS5 VR Silicone Light Shield

Aug. 24, 2022

Commendation on SONY PS5 VR Silicone Light Shield

In 2022, we have experienced a period filled with challenges and difficulties. However, it is against this backdrop that the YEJIA team has demonstrated resilience and successfully completed the mass production of the SONY PS5 VR Light Shield project. Over the past two years, our team has never wavered, from project development to the final production of 23 sets of molds, with each step reflecting the collective effort and dedication of all members.

During this process, the engineering team played a crucial role. As the lead engineering team for this VR silicone face mask project, they not only met various customer requirements but also assisted suppliers in continuously optimizing solutions to ensure the smooth progress of the project. Their professionalism and dedication have set a benchmark for the entire team. 

Simultaneously, our project development team provided detailed feedback on every issue related to the VR silicone protective mask molds, laying a solid foundation for the project's success. The trial production team worked tirelessly during the production of the VR silicone face mask, meticulously identifying all mold issues to ensure the highest product quality. 

The sales team excelled in meeting customer needs by providing high-quality service, gaining customer trust, and increasing the company's reputation. The quality team strictly controlled product quality and inspection efficiency to ensure that each product met the standards. 


Furthermore, the production team, as the most challenging and hardworking department in the company, quietly drove the entire team to achieve shipment targets time and time again. The human resources and procurement teams also played a vital role by successfully recruiting over 300 employees, providing strong support for the smooth mass production of VR silicone protective masks.

 Commendation on SONY PS5 VR Silicone Light Shield

It is worth mentioning that in 2021, Mr. Duan and the senior management of the company set a new mission, vision, and core values for the company, and delivered the 15th speech on the company's mission and vision. These concepts not only guide us in the right direction but also inspire every employee to strive for the company's goals.


Commendation on SONY PS5 VR Silicone Light Shield

YEJIA is an excellent team specializing in custom silicone products, striving for excellence and perfection. It is the collective effort and sincere dedication of the entire team that has enabled us to stand out in the fierce market competition, winning the trust and recognition of customers and becoming the exclusive supplier of Sony VR silicone protective facial masks.


The success of the VR face mask is not only reflected in the project's success but also in the spirit of teamwork and collective struggle. Every employee has a unified goal: to contribute to the company's development. Through their actions, they have created their own success and the company's success, becoming role models for us to learn from.


Furthermore, our team has over ten years of experience in silicone molding, experienced in compression molding, liquid injection molding, and LSR over-molding. We look forward to partnering with you to create a better future together.

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