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Women's Day-YEJIA 2022

Mar. 08, 2022

Women's Day: Paying Tribute to Goddesses, Conveying Care and Warmth


In the beautiful month of March, we welcome International Women's Day, a special day for all women. On this loving and caring holiday, YEJIA extends its sincerest blessings and care to all female employees, making them feel the warmth and respect of the company.


To all the "YEJIA" goddesses, happy holiday! On this wonderful day, we want to say to you: no matter your age, the youthful heart is eternal. May you hold onto your dreams, with a sparkle in your eyes, and live out your most beautiful self.

 Women's Day-YEJIA 2022

You are YEJIA's pride, the backbone of the company. With your wisdom and talent, you contribute to the company's development. On this holiday, we want to express our highest respect and gratitude to you.


To make this Women's Day more memorable, YEJIA has prepared a special gift for each female employee— a personalized water bottle engraved with their name and the words "love and warmth." This water bottle is not just a practical item, but also a symbol of the care and respect the company has for its employees. We hope that every employee can be reminded through this water bottle to be a caring and warm-hearted person, and pass on this care to those around them.

 Women's Day-YEJIA 2022

On this holiday, we must emphasize the value and status of women. No matter how ordinary a woman may be, she should be celebrated and respected on this day. Thank you for choosing to join YEJIA, working together with us to pursue our dreams and safeguard the forever youthful heart.


International Women's Day is just the beginning of expressing our care; YEJIA's love for its employees will not be limited to today. We will continue to pay attention to the needs and growth of our employees, creating a better working environment for them.


Lastly, once again, we wish all female employees a happy holiday. May you continue to shine and contribute more strength to the company's development in the days ahead!

Women's Day-YEJIA 2022

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