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YEJIA Mid-Autumn Festival in 2022

Sep. 05, 2022

Mid- Autumn Festical in 2022

As the Mid-Autumn Festival approaches on the 15th day of the eighth month of the lunar calendar, YEJIA Optical Silicone Division is preparing to celebrate with gratitude and reunion. In honor of this important traditional festival, the company has prepared special gifts for its employees and their families. These gifts include exquisite moon cakes, warm greeting cards, and heartfelt family letters, all to express the company's appreciation and affection.

YEJIA Mid-Autumn Festival in 2022


Recognizing the significance of its employees, YEJIA Optical Silicone Division acknowledges them as its most valuable assets and the core driving force behind its success. From humble beginnings as a small factory in 1999, the company has evolved into a technology leader, specializing in the production of high-quality liquid silicone products, such as food grade silicone valves, medical grade silicone products, optical grade silicon lenses, etc. With expertise in LSR injection molding and LSR overmolding, YEJIA Silicone has gained recognition for its technical capabilities and established partnerships with top global companies.

YEJIA Mid-Autumn Festival in 2022


The company's growth and achievements are attributed to the dedication of its employees and the unwavering support of their families. As many employees are unable to frequently visit their loved ones due to the distance from home, the company aims to express its sincere gratitude and blessings to the families through thoughtful gifts during this festival of reunion and harmony.

YEJIA Mid-Autumn Festival in 2022


YEJIA Optical Silicone Division extends its appreciation to the families for their understanding and support, acknowledging that it is their love and understanding that empowers employees to contribute to the company's development. The company hopes that the gifts will convey its gratitude and warmth to every employee's family, fostering a sense of care and connection during this special festival.


In the spirit of the Mid-Autumn Festival, YEJIA Optical Silicone Division extends its heartfelt wishes for happiness and good health to all families, embracing the joy of togetherness and celebration.

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