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Silicone Facial Cleansing Brush

Oct. 28, 2020

Recently,people put more concerns into their skin health.Normally,we are using the Fiber brush with most cosmetic products.However,with the developing of technology,silicone rubber become more favorable in daily application.

In the rubber and plastic industry, silicone rubber material is most applicable to life, and can also be injected into the human body as a plastic surgery and medical function of a material.

As silica gel products are widely used in daily necessities nowadays, silicone cleansing brush is one of them, in recent years gradually by young women and infants of all ages.

In Yejia,we’re always stick to strict standard and high precision technology:


1.High quality environment friendly food safe solid silicone raw materials


2.Custom colorful ultra soft silicone face brush for facial cleanser.


3.Soft silicone bristles, deep cleaning, suitable for all skins.


4.High temperature resistant above 200-300 degree.


5.Easy to carry, soft to the hand, wear and durable, and has good ductility.


6.Producing in 100k grade clean&anti-dust workshop.


7.Approved the skin irritability test,kink resistance and no deformation.

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