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Notice on the Increase of Organic Silicon Raw Materials in 2021

Sep. 24, 2021

The past two years have been a very difficult period for all of us. In addition to the new crown epidemic that we are facing together, in 2021 there will also be shortages of raw materials, shortage of power-limited packaging, and pressure on production capacity due to abnormal demand. Factory shutdowns and an unprecedented global logistics crisis.


Silicon metal:

Silicon metal rose by 10,000 RMB a day. On September 23, Huadong 421# quoted 65,000 RMB/ton, and 421# metal silicon powder was as high as 72,500 RMB /ton.



DMC auctions broke new highs every day, from 46,000 RMB/ton to 56,000 RMB/ton on the 22nd, from 58,000 RMB/ton to 60,100 RMB/ton on the 23rd, and to 62,200 RMB/ton on the 24th, continuously breaking new highs.


It caused great trouble to our company's production. Although our team worked hard to develop new suppliers and reduce internal costs and increase efficiency, they were unable to change the overall situation and could not keep up with the daily updated raw material prices.

In the face of the actual situation that upstream raw material suppliers either do not quote, do not take orders, or the raw material prices are directly doubled, in order to avoid affecting your delivery date, I hope that from now on: If your company has new orders, please consult our company first the latest price and whether the raw materials can be purchased, both parties confirm OK before placing an order. 

If our company has already received the order, we will try our best to achieve it. If there is any inconvenience or delay in delivery, hope to understand, very appreciated for that.

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