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Yejia's Fire Drill

Dec. 13, 2021

Safety work has always been the first concern for all kinds of enterprises and institutions, especially manufacturing enterprises. It is the most important thing to strengthen the production safety awareness of production management personnel and improve the level of electrical safety production management skills.


On December 10th, the purpose of the Yejia fire drill was to effectively strengthen the company’s daily safety work, raise the awareness of safety and fire protection of all employees, enhance self-protection capabilities, ensure the safety of life and property of personnel, and enable employees to be trained and educated during the drill. The policy of focusing on prevention and combining prevention and elimination has been better implemented in the company.


The content of this fire drill:

1. The initial fire drill, control, coordination and command of the fire site, and material transfer drills.

2. Evacuation guidance and wounded rescue drills.

3. Drill after the fire extinguishing equipment is extinguished at the scene.

4. Summary of fire accident handling education and drills.


The fire drill activities demonstrated our company's strong organizational power, cohesion and action. The safety awareness and fire-fighting skills of personnel participating in fire drills have been enhanced, and everyone's ability to respond to fires has been improved. Here, we call on all employees to continuously learn and master more fire safety knowledge, respond calmly to emergencies, and effectively implement fire safety work into actual work, reduce accident risks, and ensure the company's safe and orderly development.


Last, the fire drill was a complete success.

Yejia’s Fire Drill

Yejia’s Fire Drill

Yejia’s Fire Drill

Yejia’s Fire Drill

Yejia’s Fire Drill

Yejia’s Fire Drill

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