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LSR Molding Clean Workshop III

Mar. 01, 2022

LSR Molding Clean Production Workshop III for Optical Silicon Lenses and Medical Silicone Products

On March 1, 2022, YEJIA Optical Silicone Division celebrated a significant milestone in the company's history. At 8:08 on this day, it not only signifies that our company has reached a new level, but also signals our commitment to providing customers with more precise and professional technical services in the customized silicone products field, and embarking on a new chapter of success.

LSR Molding Clean Workshop III

Thanks to the close collaboration and relentless efforts of various departments, YEJIA Optical's new 100,000-level clean production workshop was officially put into operation. This new Workshop III, dedicated to producing optical silicone lenses and customized medical silicone products, marks a new journey towards higher technology and quality for us.


Since the company's clear development direction, we have remained steadfast in our beliefs and moved forward courageously. From setting goals, implementing plans, developing customer relationships, completing orders, to constructing new workshops and acquiring new equipment, every step reflects the wisdom and hard work of the YEJIA team. In just 16 months, we have successfully achieved all this, demonstrating the efficient execution and strong capabilities of YEJIA team.

 LSR Molding Clean Workshop III

The launch of the new production line represents a significant leap in our production capacity for optical and medical products. Under the leadership of YEJIA Optical Silicone Division, we are confident in providing high-precision and cost-effective products for the LED lighting industry and the medical industry, aiding customers in achieving greater value.


Since its establishment in 2009, YEJIA Optical Silicone Division has been dedicated to the research and development, production, and sales of high-precision liquid silicone rubber products. We are committed to becoming a lean manufacturing enterprise with content employees, satisfied customers, and leading technology in the silicone molding industry, consistently pursuing excellence and technological advancement.

LSR Molding Clean Workshop III


Today's remarkable achievements are a result of the hard work and selfless dedication of every individual at YEJIA. Looking ahead, we will continue to enhance our technical capabilities and service levels, offering high-precision, high-quality customized liquid silicone products to more customers, and collectively creating a brighter future.


At YEJIA Optical, we not only manufacture products but also create value. We recognize that the trust and support of every customer is our greatest motivation. Therefore, we will continue to enhance LSR injection molding technology, improve product quality, optimize service processes, and ensure that every customer receives the best quality service and products.


Furthermore, we will actively expand our market presence, delve deeper into customer needs, and introduce new products that align with market trends and customer requirements. With the collective efforts of YEJIA Optical, we believe our products will encompass a wider range of fields and bring innovation and breakthroughs to more industries. Together with our customers, we will strive to create a better future!

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