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Fire Drill in 2021

Dec. 10, 2021

YEJIA's Fire Drill in 2021

YEJIA Optical Technology (Guandong) Corporation, as an enterprise with a high sense of responsibility in the field of customized silicone and plastic products production, is not only responsible for customers, employees, but also responsible for society.


Whether it is plastic injection molding or liquid silicone rubber injection molding, normal production is inseparable from water, electricity and gas, and safety production is always our primary focus in the daily operation of manufacturing enterprises. We are well aware that strengthening the safety production awareness of production management personnel and improving their skill level in electrical safety production management is the key to ensuring the stable and efficient operation of enterprises.


On December 10th, we successfully held a fire drill. The purpose of this exercise is to further strengthen the company's daily safety work, enhance the fire safety awareness of all employees, enhance self-protection ability, and ensure the safety of life and property of every employee. During the exercise, we provided valuable training and education opportunities for employees, so that the safety policy of "prevention first, prevention and treatment combined" was thoroughly implemented.

 Fire Drill in 2021

The fire drill covered a number of key links: initial fire response and control, evacuation guidance and wounded rescue drills, on-site fire extinguishing equipment operation drills, as well as fire accident handling education and drill summary. Through these practical simulations, we comprehensively tested the company's organization, cohesion and action.

 Fire Drill in 2021

The exercise has achieved remarkable results, and the safety awareness and firefighting skills of the participants have been significantly improved, and the ability to respond to fires has also been greatly enhanced. We call on all employees to continue to study and master fire safety knowledge, respond to emergencies with a calm and professional attitude, and truly integrate fire safety work into their daily work, so as to reduce the risk of accidents and ensure the safe and orderly development of the company.


Fire Drill in 2021

In the end, the fire drill ended successfully, which injected new impetus into the safety production work of YEJIA Optical. We will take this opportunity to continue to strengthen safety management and lay a solid foundation for the company's long-term development.

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