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Celebration on the Goddess Festival-YEJIA Silicone

Mar. 08, 2019

Celebration on the Goddess Festival- YEJIA SILICONE

Every year on March 8th, we celebrate International Women's Day, also known as the Goddess Festival. In China, there's a saying that "women hold up half the sky," and at YEJIA Optical Silicone Division, we prepared a special surprise for all our female colleagues on this significant day. Let's take a look.


It's customary for the employees of YEJIA Optical Silicone Division to gather for morning reading every day. On this special Goddess Festival, with the goal of not only enhancing our beauty but also cultivating our character, nearly 200 employees gathered in the LSR injection molding workshop to collectively read our exclusive cultural handbook. Together, we grow, all for the purpose of better serving our customers in need of customized silicone products.


Adding a sense of ceremony to life, all female employees lined up while male employees stood opposite them, presenting each woman with a rose and wishing them a happy Goddess Festival. Additionally, each lady received a gift such as a box of chocolates, an umbrella, or a water bottle. These romantic yet practical gifts reflect the thoughtful nature of our company and sincerely convey our appreciation to each woman.

 Celebration on the Goddess Festival-YEJIA Silicone

When a company can show such care and concern for its employees, it only further empowers us to wholeheartedly meet the needs of our customers.

 Celebration on the Goddess Festival-YEJIA Silicone

YEJIA Optical Silicone Division has been dedicated to the R&D, production, and sales of LSR liquid silicone products for over a decade. Our main products include silicone valves, silicon lenses, medical silicone products, and other customized silicone products. If you are in need of a professional LSR molding factory or wish to learn more about YEJIA Silicone's intriguing company culture, please feel free to contact us.

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