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YEJIA Silicone Molding Equipment List

Jul. 23, 2019

Silicone Molding Equipment- YEJIA Optical Silicone Division

YEJIA is renowned as the leading manufacturer of custom silicone products. Our reputation is not only attributed to our experienced LSR injection molding team, but also to our extensive range of advanced equipment. Within our facilities, you will find key equipment for molding making, silicone injection molding, mold and product inspection. Should any chance, highly welcome to visit our factory.

Mold Making Equipment

S.N.Mold Manufacturing EquipmentQuantity
1TOSHIBA ULC-100 High Precision Aspheric and Free Form Surface Grinder4 Sets
2TOSHIBA UVM-450C High Precision Machining Center4 Sets
3INNOLITE IL300 3-axis Precision Diamond Turning Lathe1 Set
4MAKINO V33i High Speed CNC2 Sets
5MAKINO F3 High Speed CNC1 Set
6TOYO High Precision Drilling Machine1 Set
7OKAMOTO acc515dxal Forming Griding Machine1 Set
8OKAMOO acc64dx Automatic Grinding Machine1 Set
9STUDER S20 Cylindrical Grinding Machine4 Sets
10CNC Machine a-D14MiB2 Sets
11CNC Machine NXV1020AM1 Set
12CNC Machine JDHGT6002 Sets
13Grinder L-6182 Sets
14Grinder JL-6183 Sets
15EDM MP-501 Set
16EDM AD32Ls
5 Sets
17EDM EDGE31 Set
18Wire Cutting Machine ALN400Q (s)2 Sets

molding making equipment.png

Silicone Molding Equipment

S.N.Production EquipmentQuantity


ARBURG Horizontal Liquid Injection Molding Machine
7 Sets
2SUMITOMO Horizontal Liquid Injection Molding Machine2 Sets
3Vertical Liquid injection Molding Machine 50T2 Sets
4Vertical Liquid injection Molding Machine 85T6 Sets
5Vertical Liquid injection Molding Machine 100T4 Sets
6Vertical Liquid injection Molding Machine 160T18 Sets
7High Precision Compression Molding Machine 250T6 Sets
8Automatic Punching Machine (For Silicone Valves)3 Sets
9UV Plasma Processing Equipment
2 Sets
10UV Activation Surface Treatment Line
2 Lines

silicone molding.png

Product Inspection Instruments

S.N.Inspection InstrumentsQuantity


PANASONIC UA3P 3D Profilometer3 Sets
2MITAKA Non-contact 3D Measuring Instrument1 Set
3ZEISS 3D Optical Metrology1 Set
4MITUTOYO 2D Coordinate Measuring Instrument1 Set
5GOM 3D Blue Light Scanner1 Set
6LUCEO Birefringence Tester1 Set
7TRIOPTICS HR Image Quality Tester1 Set
8UV-Vis Spectrophotometer1 Set
9EVERFINE Automotive Light Goniophotometer1 Set
10Lighting Condition Tester1 Set
1110M Distance Cutoff Status Tester1 Set
1225M Darkroom1
13CCD Full Inspection Equipment30 Sets
14Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) Equipment3 Sets
152.5D Dimensional Measuring Equipment2 Sets
16Hardness Tester1 Set
17Salt Spraying Tester
1 Set
18Tension Tester1 Set
19High Temperature& High Humidity Testing Equipment1 Set
20ROHS Testing Equipment1 Set
21Boiling Testing Equipment1 Set


YEJIA boasts an impressive setup with over 10,000sqm of silicone molding workshops, including class 100,000 clean production workshops specifically designed for optical silicon lenses and medical silicone parts. The company has achieved certification from ISO13485, IATF16949, ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO45001. If you are seeking a dependable supplier for high precision custom silicone parts, we encourage you to reach out to us.

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