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10th Anniversary Award Ceremony in 2019-YEJIA Silicone

Aug. 14, 2019

10th Anniversary Award Ceremony in 2019

Happiness accompanied by sweat, success accompanied by hardships, and regrets inspiring perseverance, we have unconsciously walked through the first half of 2019 together. With everyone's support and efforts, we successfully achieved our sales target for the first half of the year. To express gratitude for the hard work of all employees in the past few months, also, to celebrate the 10th anniversary, our administrative department planned a 10th-anniversary awards ceremony. Let's take a look together.


At every awards ceremony, YEJIA Optical Silicone Division has its own unique rules. With a grateful heart, the entire team sang a song for our motherland, aptly titled "Ge Chang Zu Guo" inspiring us with a lively rhythm. In the first half of 2019, every employee gave their all and shone in their respective positions. Thanks to teamwork, YEJIA Optical Silicone Division has become more recognized in the LSR liquid silicone rubber industry, providing high cost-effective components for more custom silicone products, especially precision silicone products. Some individuals truly deserve recognition.

 10th Anniversary Award Ceremony in 2019-YEJIA Silicone

Finally, the entire team celebrated the birthdays of the quarter's employees together, wishing each and every one of them success and fulfillment.

 10th Anniversary Award Ceremony in 2019-YEJIA Silicone

YEJIA Optical Silicone Division specializes in producing high-quality LSR liquid silicone rubber products and has been a precision technical manufacturer in the LSR injection industry for over a decade. If you are looking to customize LSR silicone products, please feel free to contact us.

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