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What are the 6 major elements for production of VR silicone face cover?

What are the 6 major elements for production of VR silicone face cover?

VR technology (full name: Virtual Reality, abbreviated as VR), also known as virtual reality or spiritual technology, is a new practical technology developed in the 20th century. Virtual reality technology includes computer, electronic information, and simulation technology. Its basic realization method is mainly based on computer technology, using and synthesizing the latest development achievements of various high-tech technologies such as three-dimensional graphics technology, multimedia technology, simulation technology, display technology, and servo technology. , with the help of computers and other equipment to generate a virtual world of realistic three-dimensional vision, touch, smell and other sensory experience, so that people in the virtual world have an immersive feeling.

Yejia silicone started the production of Sony PS VR silicone protective cover since 2016, from research and development to mass production, with the joint efforts of the whole team, we have successfully achieved the mass production of SONY PS5 VR silicone masks, front and back silicone covers in 2022.

The production flow of this VR silicone face cover is as below:

LSR Injection molding- Deflashing- Inspection- Secondary Vulcanization- UV Surface Treatment- Inspection- Dust Removal Packaging

There are 6 major elements affect the production of every product, for the VR silicone face cover, do you know what are the elements we should pay attention to? Let's take a look. 

1. People

Every staff at every process should be well trained, and follow up the Work Instructions, whether the people has taken out the product for VR silicone cover mold correctly, or does the employee clean the burr of the VR silicone skin cover properly, all these will decide whether the product will be qualified or not.


2. Machine

According to the mold structure, the VR silicone face mask mold shall be loaded to the right LSR injection molding machine, and the parameters shall be adjusted to the right ones when the engineering team do the validation. Otherwise, there will be issues occurred.

3. Material

Whether the liquid silicone is expired or not, is the silicone raw material model correct, or does the feeding system inject the liquid silicone as the proportion set up already? If less material, the product will be short of silicone, if too much, there also be other problem.


4. Method

The method of taking the product out from the LSR injection molding mold is also very important, taking the product too hard will cause the product to be deformed and damaged, or improper operation of deflashing will also affect the quality of the product.

5. Environment

The production environment should be kept clean, the dirt or dots in the air might be attached to the surface of the VR silicone cover, which makes defective products to be produced. So, at the beginning, our engineers have insisted on producing this VR facial skin cover in the class 100,000 clean production workshop.


6. Measure

While in or after the production, how does the quality person to measure this product is very critical, what kind of measurement shall be used, does the QE measure the product according to the work instructions, all these will affect the result of the product.


Every employee to be strictly follow on the rules, for over a decade, Yejia Silicone has been the top manufacturer of high precision liquid silicone injection molding technology in China. 

Our factory is not only able to produce IP68 waterproof silicone components for mobile phones and outdoor electronics, but also has expended our area to many industries, like food& beverage (silicone control valves, silicone gaskets, silicone bottle covers), medical (silicone wound drainage ball), beauty (silicone face cleansing brush) and optical (silicone LED lenses) and so on.


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