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Medical Grade Liquid Silicone Over-Molding with Plastic.

Sep. 11, 2019

As an environmentally friendly raw material, silicone is popular among the people for its superior performance. Its softness and non-toxicity are widely used. 60 degrees to 250 degrees is incomparable to plastic. Over-molding with metal or plastic to create some new properties makes the product soft and hard.

Yejia silicone located in Dongguan, China for over a decade. We dedicate to silicone over-molded with other material. For example, LED lights, Aluminum, PC and PCB.

We have 8 Japanese engineers with 30 years of work experience, who can succeed making mold precision tolerance within 0.005 millimeters and R angle can be only 0.1 millimeters. Which truly makes the silicone products without flash!

We have owned 5000 square meters modern workshop, 26 sets LSR injection molding machines, 6 sets horizontal LSR injection molding machines and 6 sets solid silicone vacuum compression molding machines, 100,000 class clean production workshop and 100,000 class spraying workshop.

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Below as picture shows customized overmolding with plastic 

Medical grade liquid silicone, raw material imported from Nusil

Medical Grade Liquid Silicone Over-Molding with Plastic.

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