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A Comprehensive Study on the Manufacturing of Silicone Lenses in China

Aug. 22, 2023

A Comprehensive Study on the Manufacturing of Silicone Lenses in China

The demand for automotive ADB adaptive high beam headlights has increased since 2018, which has consequently led to an upswing in the procurement demand for silicon lenses. However, unlike plastic injection molding, the mold design, manufacturing, molding equipment, and molding technology of silicone lenses cannot be borrowed from the experience of the traditional plastic lens industry. The investment threshold for mold processing equipment, molding equipment, and inspection equipment is also considerably high. In addition, traditional silicone molding companies have difficulty understanding the quality requirements of such optical products, resulting in few domestic enterprises having a complete development and production supply chain. As a result, the major manufacturers are still concentrated in European countries such as Austria and Germany.

A Comprehensive Study on the Manufacturing of Silicone Lenses in China

With the increasing demand for car headlights production in China from both domestic and international automotive light enterprises, the supply of silicon lenses for ADB car lights also needs to shift from foreign procurement to local procurement in order to shorten the procurement cycle and reduce purchasing costs. Currently, there are three types of domestic silicone lens enterprises in China.


YEJIA, as the representative of the first type, is a leading company in the design and manufacturing of optical silicone molds. Our expertise also extends to automated mass production, ensuring that we meet and exceed customer quality requirements. With a focus on supplying large quantities of silicone lenses to well-known domestic and foreign enterprises, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner in the industry. Compared to our competitors, YEJIA has relatively fewer rivals in the market, which gives us a unique advantage. We are committed to optimizing our processes and continuously improving our products to maintain our position as a top manufacturer in the industry of silicon lens.

 A Comprehensive Study on the Manufacturing of Silicone Lenses in China

The second type of enterprises are relatively small in scale and possess a limited number of imported molding equipment and general silicone molding technology. However, they lack the ability to design and manufacture molds and mainly rely on customers to provide molds or third-party commissioned mold processing. Due to the limited mold capabilities, quality cannot be guaranteed, and there is also a lack of supporting optical performance inspection equipment and capabilities.


A Comprehensive Study on the Manufacturing of Silicone Lenses in China

The third type of companies are those that have shifted from traditional PC and PMMA injection lens enterprises. These companies have made some investments in molding equipment and possess optical inspection capabilities. However, their lack of experience in silicone mold design and manufacturing has resulted in relatively high development and manufacturing costs.


A Comprehensive Study on the Manufacturing of Silicone Lenses in China

In order to meet the increasing demands of the market, companies must continuously enhance their technical strength and service level, especially in the field of silicon lenses where the domestic supply chain is not yet fully mature. As a professional supplier of optical liquid injection molding silicone lenses, YEJIA is equipped with advanced production and testing equipment and maintains close cooperation with multiple domestic and foreign optical liquid silicone material suppliers to provide customers with comprehensive services. Our commitment is to deliver high-quality silicon lens products and professional technical support tailored to meet our customers' needs. If you require customized silicon lenses, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are dedicated to serving you with excellence and professionalism.

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