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Why does the silicone gluing machine get commonly used?

Sep. 05, 2019

Nowadays, with the improvement of people's aesthetic view, more and more products are no long a single technic.


A simple and classic product must have been integrated with various technics, such as, injection, over-molding, printing, laser engraving, oil spraying, assembling and so on. There is another commonly used technic of high performance to price ratio, which is gluing. The gluing can be done by hand or by machine, here we'd like to introduce the gluing machine.


Gluing machine, which also known as dispensing machine, dispenser or glue filling machine, etc., is an automatic machine, used to control the fluid, and apply the glue to the surface or the inside of a product. The dispensing path can be three-dimensional and four-dimensional. With the advantage of precise positioning, precise gluing control, no drawing, no leakage and no dripping glue, the machine is mainly used for glue, paint and other liquids. Accurate point, injection, coating and dripping to the precise position of each product, the machine can be used for dot, line, round or arc.


YEJIA OPTICAL offers products and services to top fortune companies, and we've developed different kinds of gluing machines, with designed jigs accordingly. Not only the gluing machine has solved the problems of leakage and high defective rate, but also it lower the human costs and assembling costs, which makes the unit price of a product to be more competitive. Let's feel the working efficiency of the gluing machine.


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