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Why does the silicone gluing machine get commonly used?

Sep. 05, 2019

Why does the silicone gluing machine get commonly used?

The silicone gluing machine is commonly used for several reasons. These machines are designed to provide precise and efficient dispensing of silicone adhesives, sealants, and coatings. In today's world, where aesthetics play a significant role, products are no longer limited to a single technique. They are now integrated with various techniques such as injection, over-molding, printing, laser engraving, oil spraying, and assembling. Among these techniques, gluing stands out as a commonly used method due to its high performance to price ratio.


The gluing machine, also known as a dispensing machine, dispenser, or glue filling machine, is an automatic device used to control the flow of fluid and apply glue to the surface or inside of a product. It offers three-dimensional and four-dimensional dispensing paths, allowing for precise positioning and gluing control. The machine ensures no drawing, leakage, or dripping of glue, making it ideal for handling glue, paint, and other liquids.



One of the key benefits of silicone gluing machines is their ability to dispense silicone materials in a controlled and consistent manner. With the ability to accurately apply glue in the form of dots, lines, rounds, or arcs, the gluing machine can achieve precise point injection, coating, and dripping on each product. This ensures that the adhesive is applied evenly and accurately, which results in a stronger and more reliable bond. The machines are also designed to handle a wide range of viscosity levels, allowing them to dispense everything from thin coatings to thick adhesives.


Another advantage of silicone gluing machines is their versatility. They can be used for a variety of applications, including bonding, sealing, and coating. This makes them an ideal choice for industries such as automotive, electronics, construction, and aerospace. Additionally, many silicone gluing machines come with customizable settings that allow users to adjust the flow rate and dispensing volume to meet their specific needs.


In addition to their precision and versatility, silicone gluing machines are also designed with user-friendly features that make them easy to operate. Many models come with touch screen interfaces that allow users to quickly adjust settings and monitor dispensing progress. They also feature automatic calibration and cleaning functions that help reduce downtime and maintenance costs.


At YEJIA, we provide custom silicone and plastic products and injection molding services to top fortune companies and have developed various types of gluing machines with designed jigs to cater to different needs. These machines not only solve the problems of leakage and high defective rates but also reduce human costs and assembling costs. As a result, the unit price of a product becomes more competitive.

The silicone gluing machine is widely used due to its precise gluing control, efficient performance, and cost-effectiveness. It has become an essential tool in various industries, contributing to improved product quality and competitiveness. For more information, please contact us. We're looking forward to talking with you. Call us on 0086-769-81775079.

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