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Developments of Medical products In Yejia

Jul. 13, 2020

With the social progress and economic development, the requests about products quality have been demanding increasingly, especially for medical products, which are more strict and meticulous.

From 2017, with the recommendation and support of SUMITOMO Medical, our company produced the medical negative pressure ball. After obtaining the certification, Yejia has began to develop silicone medical products and put them into mass production, at the same time, which are recognized by many enterprises such as KAIFA , Snibe and TAIJI Group.

Our raw materials and color paste are all medical-grade solid/liquid silicone, and which are comply with ISO10993 certification, and the medical devices have obtained ISO13485 system certification.

In order to ensure the high quality of the production environment, all our medical products are produced in 100,000 class clean production workshops.

At present, our company has produced 3 kinds of silicone medical products, including silicone medical ball, medical negative pressure wound drainage and silicone midwifery bag.

For example, the silicone negative pressure balls, which supply for SUMITOMO, was processed by Liquid Silicone Injection Molding. It mainly used to drainage the hemorrhage after operation, prevent infection and promote wound healing.

In addition, our medical-grade silicone products are not only anti-yellowing, flexible and safe, not easy to dust, but also bio-compatible, which have been recognized by many high-quality companies in the industry.

We believe that we will be your best choice in the Silicone Products Industry.

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