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The Difference of Non-injection and the Benefit of Non-injection of Silicone Products

Apr. 26, 2021

The Difference of Non-injection and the Benefit of Non-injection of Silicone Products


Multi-industry products basically want to achieve extreme appearance, all surface treatment is very important, such as hardware products, large molds need polishing, electroplating, sandblasting and so on, to maintain a better appearance of the product, And silicone products are the same, the appearance of the product is more important, so there are some surface treatment technology! In addition to the appearance of the mold, there is also the appearance of the product, fuel injection process is one of the most important processes.

The effect of fuel injection is difficult to observe with the naked eye, but the touch of the handle is still distinguished. The main features of the fuel injection products are smooth handle, high surface finish, flat face, no dust adhesion. Wear resistance is improved, strong adhesion. No fuel injection products can see that their gloss is not high, feel not so smooth with their hands, especially after a long time of low hardness products will produce dust phenomenon, in humidity or wet place surface aging faster, Cleaning a few times will become very sticky, of course, this also involves the properties of silica gel raw materials and vulcanizing agents, in the purchase can also be based on the above to distinguish the fuel injection effect.

Silicone products are easy to adsorb dust under normal conditions, so in the process of production and manufacture, a thin layer of hand oil should be sprayed on the surface of silica gel products, which can not only prevent dust but also ensure the hand feeling. The injection process is mainly based on customer requirements to make different feel and appearance of silica gel keys, but the injection is also divided into three different processes.

1. Spray oil

Spray oil is actually on the surface of the silicone button spray a layer of visible ink, color is adjusted according to customer demand for products.

2. Spray extinction (feel oil)

Extinction ink is a kind of fog handle ink, its characteristics are similar to PU ink, but the spray extinction ink will make the surface of silica gel keys appear foggy. And can spray the effect of grinding, feel more smooth than below.

3. PU spray

PU refers to a kind of ink, it has strong adhesion, wear-resistant, transparency and other characteristics, sprayed PU silicone keys feel very good, very wear-resistant, is also a very common process of silicone products manufacturers.

Product injection does not mean that all products can be used for fuel injection, but mainly depends on the structure of the product, such as silicone sealing ring, large circular arc and large zigzag products, which are not completely sprayed during the injection process. So for silicone products manufacturers if the product needs fuel injection. Then there must be a standard, the product must be flat, the appearance is small (such as round sealing ring similar) the whole product can refer to rectangle or square, spray two or three faces, can achieve the effect of movement. For the fuel injection process, many products can be injected, but in order to achieve the desired results and labor costs may be relatively large, so in addition to the fuel injection process to ensure the appearance of exquisite, but also on the mold, If the mold is exquisite, it will help the whole structure and appearance of the product.

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