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TPE TPU and silicone which Is More Suitable for Smart Watch Band Material?

Apr. 14, 2021

TPE TPU and silicone which Is More Suitable for Smart Watchband Material?

The only material used to make smart bracelet watch is TPE, silicone and TPU, so which of the TPE,TPU and silicone is more suitable for smart bracelet watch materials? Under normal circumstances, medical grade TPE or TPU materials are used in high-grade bracelets. These two materials are not only environmentally friendly, non-toxic and tasteless, but also do no harm to human body.

As for TPE,TPU and silicone which is good? The following Yejia for you to do a detailed material analysis:

1. Prices vary

Obviously, the price of TPE/TPU is much higher than that of silicone, and medical grade TPE/TPU are often used in medical supplies, which is closely related to human use and even implanted into human body. From the price point of view alone, TPE/TPU can be recycled, in the long run, they are more cost-effective.


2. Look at the grade

Silicone elasticity is slightly worse, from the appearance, TPE/TPU can do very transparent kind, and silicone can not, the most transparent are very hazy like thick fog that kind of feeling. Because TPE/TPU this transparent feeling, now more popular with users. And the high-grade products are still a lot, more selective, pattern changes than silicone. But generally TPE/TPU hardness will be harder than silicone, in line with ergonomics.


3. From the feel

Silicone sleeve also has a good handle, fell on the ground with seismic and impact resistance. Silicone is insoluble in water and has good waterproof performance. However, the texture of silicone is thicker, the style is less, it is easy to be greasy, the fit is slightly poor, and the material is also easy to dip ash and ash. Relatively speaking, the TPU has high wear resistance, good scratch resistance, high strength, outstanding cold resistance, oil and water resistance, mold resistance, good flexibility, TPU the only disadvantage is not easy to demoulding, reduce production efficiency. TPE materials feel soft and smooth, better than silica gel and TPU feel, good wear resistance, easy to color, simple molding, environmental protection and non-toxic, no allergies to human skin, can be said to be TPE the first choice for smart bracelet materials.

The smart bracelet material on the market basically uses these three kinds of materials, these three kinds of materials are also approved by medicine, harmless to the human body, according to the market price material is ahead of TPU. in price or grade As for TPE,TPU and silicone which is more suitable for smart bracelet watch materials? Yejia still suggests choosing the right smart bracelet material according to his product positioning, and choosing the right one is the best.

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