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LSR Overmolding Waterproof SIM Card Tray Holder for Mobile Phones

Jun. 19, 2020

Waterproof SIM Card Tray Holder, LSR Overmolding Factory

In today's modern society, intelligent technology plays a significant role, particularly in the form of our smartphones. These devices are composed of numerous precision electronic components, with one crucial unit being the waterproof SIM card tray holder.


Waterproof SIM card tray holder refers to a device that is designed to protect a SIM card from water damage. This type of tray holder is typically used in mobile phones or other electronic devices that use SIM cards. The waterproof feature ensures that the SIM card remains safe and secure, even when exposed to water or other liquids. This is particularly important for individuals who work in outdoor environments or frequently engage in water-based activities. The waterproof SIM card tray holder provides peace of mind and ensures that the SIM card remains functional and usable at all times.


The manufacturing process of the waterproof SIM card tray holder involves the integration of aluminum alloy, PC, and silicone. The assembly process requires the use of liquid silicone rubber, which seamlessly combines with these composite materials.


One of the key reasons why liquid silicone rubber is preferred for waterproof silicone structures is its unique ability to bond with metal inserts and plastics. This material possesses several advantages and characteristics, including strong waterproof performance, elasticity, good aging resistance, non-toxicity, harmlessness, stability, and excellent electrical insulation. It can also be molded into various forms and used for different purposes, resulting in a range of serialized and differentiated products.


Currently, liquid silicone rubber (LSR) finds extensive application in consumer electronics such as waterpoof mobile phones, smart wearables, handheld terminals, connectors, automobiles, and the medical field.


As a precision technology manufacturer in the liquid silicone rubber manufacturing industry, our main technical advantage lies in the overmolding technology of LSR with other materials. For instance, we specialize in combining silicone with infrared laser parts, aluminum, MIM, or PA/PC/PET and other materials.


Through the utilization of LSR injection molding technology, we are able to achieve integrated forming of liquid silicone rubber and aluminum, ensuring a strong bond between metal parts and silicone. Simultaneously, the waterpoof SIM card tray holder provides an ideal water-resistant solution for the intricate components of smartphones.


YEJIA has extensive expertise in silicone overmolding with a range of other materials. Our modern silicone molding workshop spans over 10,000 square meters and includes in-house mold design and molding making departments, as well as a professional engineering team. Our track record includes supplying a variety of overmolded waterproof parts to numerous renowned mobile phone manufacturers. If you're in need of a waterproof solution for your electronic devices, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

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