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Talk About The Electronic Water-resistant Parts In The Phone

Jun. 19, 2020

Modern life is full of intelligent technology,especially our smart phone.It is composed of hundreds of precision electronic parts,among them,there is a crucial unit which called SIM card tray.


In the manufacturing process of SIM card tray, it involves the second integration of aluminum alloy, PC and silicone.And the assembly process requires a liquid silicone rubber that combines perfectly with these composites.


Liquid silicone rubber's special ability to be combined with metal inserts and plastics makes it the preferred material for waterproof silicone structures.


LSR has many advantages and characteristics, such as strong waterproof performance, elasticity, good aging resistance, non-toxic and harmless, good stability, good electrical insulation and other advantages, can be made into different forms, different uses of serialization, differential products.


Currently, LSR is widely used in consumer electronics such as mobile phones, smart wearables, handheld terminals, connectors, automobiles, and medical fields.


As a precision technology manufacturer in the liquid silicone rubber manufacturing industry,our main technical advantage is the overmolding technology of liquid silicone and other materials, such as silicone and infrared laser parts, silicone and aluminum/MIM, silicone and PA/PC/PET or other materials.


Through LSR injection molding technology, liquid silicone rubber and aluminum integrated forming,metal parts with silicone bond firmly.


At the same time,the SIM card tray holder provides a ideal water-resistant solution to the smart phone's sophisticated components.


Talk About The Electronic Water-resistant Parts In The Phone

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