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The Mass Production before the Lunar Chinese New Year

Nov. 20, 2019

How time flies, we going to say goodbye to 2019, say hello to 2020, only 42 days left. Let's start counting down. Actually, the Chinese lunar Spring Festival is coming much earlier this year in Jan 25th.


Normally most of workers back home on the 10th Jan. the lead time might not be stable. we advise the customers to place the orders as early as possible. Currently we have scheduled 3 million silicone valves into mass production during this week.


One set of LSR injection molding machine is able to form 200,000pcs capacity in a day. We have 26 sets LSR injection molding machines in the 100K class clean workshop obtained CNAS L0637.


Our main lines are:

LSR overmolding waterproof precision parts: Sim tray, Type C connector, Infrared lampshade, Sim pluger, mobile phone battery inner shell, etc.


LSR overmolding outdoor electronic waterproof precision parts: Outdoor camera universal joint, camera waterproof button, waterproof FPCB board, etc.


Smart wearable silicone products: VR silicone face light shield, sports wristband, watch strap, etc.


Medical silicone products: silicone medical ball, negative pressure wound drainage silicone ball, midwifery air bag, etc.


Cosmetic silicone products: silicone mouthpiece, face cleansing brush, facial mask device, etc.


Optical silicone products: automobile light lens, silicone lens, vehicle Led light, uniform film, highlight lens, silicone turn signal, etc.


Silicone control valves: cross slit valve, NSF silicone valve, duckbill valve, umbrella valve, fermentation lid, etc.


Silicone household products: silicone water bottle holder, water bottle sleeves &pouch, etc.


Technique and craft are connected to the quality. Delivery and efficiency are the key to the service. Price is the embodiment of value.


All the best!

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