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Can silicone silicone spoon sterilize in the sterilizer

Jan. 15, 2021

Children eat the first choice of tableware of course is silicone spoon, the main reason is environmental protection, soft, generally before the use of parents will first sterilize, and then for the baby to use. So can silicone spoon be put in sterilizer to sterilize?

It must be OK, put in the sterilizer will not damage the surface of the spoon. Because of the high temperature resistance of silicone, it can even be sterilized with microwave, ultraviolet and boiling water.Compared with adults, infants and young children are not mature in all aspects, especially the immune system, and are easily infected by bacteria and viruses. Therefore, special attention should be paid to infant supplies. The spoon that baby often contacts needs special attention, so, baby silicone soft spoon how to sterilize?

1. boiling water disinfection

You can choose to sterilize with hot water, do not boil directly in hot water, can put silicone soft spoon into cold water to boil, boil 2-3 minutes, time should not be too long, too long will not only reduce the service life of silicone soft spoon, There will also be some transparency. The heating time should not be too long.

2. Disinfection of microwave sterilizers

You can also choose a microwave oven disinfection box, silicone spoon into the disinfection box, microwave heating disinfection

3.Cleaning and disinfection

You can also choose baby-specific detergent disinfection, with warm water and detergent cleaning, and then clean.

Baby is the most important of parents, baby supplies need to be treated with care, although there are many disinfection methods of silicone soft spoon, but after use should pay attention to timely disinfection, to ensure safety and hygiene, will not pose a threat to the baby. But in general, baby products should not only be disinfected regularly but also replaced regularly, so as to ensure the safety of baby products and benefit the healthy growth of infants.

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