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Which Products Are More Suitable for Liquid Silicone Encapsulation?

The silicone encapsulation process is mainly liquid silicone over plastic, liquid silicone over FPC, liquid silicone over stainless steel, and silicone over silicone. Liquid silicone is also called liquid silicone. Liquid silicone is covered with plastic. The plastic must be resistant to high temperature. The heat resistance range is 130-200 °C. If it is not resistant to high temperature of 130 °C, the plastic parts will easily deform in the silicone mold. Therefore, we When choosing product encapsulation, be sure to choose the liquid silicone encapsulation that suits you, otherwise, the product will be difficult to form.

Which Products Are More Suitable for Liquid Silicone Encapsulation?cid=4

Liquid silicone is widely used because it does not release toxic substances, has a soft and comfortable touch, and is resistant to high temperature and low temperature (-60c~+300c). It can be said that as long as your raw materials can withstand high temperature to 280 degrees It is encapsulated with liquid silicone, and liquid silicone encapsulation can also be made according to the structure of the product, and some can also be made by solid-state molding and encapsulation. 

Overall, although the cost of liquid silicone is high, it can be used. Accurate, efficient and automated injection molding production, so the future development trend of silicone rubber industry must be liquid silicone.

Which Products Are More Suitable for Liquid Silicone Encapsulation?cid=4

Nowadays, many electronic accessories are getting smaller and smaller, so some high-precision processing has become an important direction in the future. Now with the liquid silicone over-molding technology, these problems are no longer a problem, and it is possible to complete the processing of delicate electronic accessories. of silicone production. 


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