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The difference between LIMS and CSR

ItemLIMCompression Molding
Molding MachineLiquid Injection Molding Machine (For LIM)Compression Molding Machine
Machine Costs HigherMachine Costs Lower than LIM
MoldCooling SystemYesN.A.
Temperature AdjustmentHeating PipeMachine Temperature
Mold StructureYes・No  2 TypesYes・No 2 Types
Costs2 Base Plates, the mold costs is higher.Mold costs is cheaper than LIM.
LTSimple Structure 25~30 DaysSimple Structure 20~25 Days
Complicated Structure 40~45 Days ※2 Base Plates, lead time is longerComplicated Structure 35~40 Days
PlatingYes・N.A. 2 TypesYes・N.A. 2 Types
MaterialMaterialPolymer SiliconePolymer Silicone
Curing MethodAdditional ReactionCompression Reaction
Pre-processingColor matching if necessaryColor matching, mixing, cutting
ValiditySpecified by Raw Materials SupplierAbout 2 Weeks after Mixing
Color・Material Supplier do the Color MatchingUsing various color agents, to adjust different colors
・When customer specified the color, material supplier do the color matching, purchasing unit is from 0.5 to 1T.
Hardness・Common materials at 40~60 Shore A ・Different from solid silicone materials, it’s unable to adjust hardness with different hardness materials・Common materials 30~70 Shore A ・Can adjust to the ideal hardness with different hardness materials
Kinds of MaterialsLIM is a further material, the types is less than solid silicone’sAll kinds of materials
Cost(Normal Material)・Japan Manufacturer・・・2-3 Times of Solid Silicone
・China Manufacturer・・・1.3-1.5 Times of Solid Silicone
LT・Normal Materials in Stock, 7-14 days
・Out of stock, 30-60 days  
※Depends on suppliers
・Normal Materials in Stock, 7-14 days
・Out of stock, 30 days  
※Depends on suppliers
Molding MethodMold Temperature ControlUsing the heating pipe in the moldUsing the molding machine heating
Molding Temperature100~130℃160℃~200℃
Mold ReleaseYesYes
Material Filling MethodLIM after mold closedPut materials after mold opening
Material Filling QuantityMachine Program ControlPre-processing Weight Control
VentingWhen filling materials/ Vacuum Pumping EquipmentUsing Vacuum Equipment or Vacuum Pumping Equipment
Curing Time Cycle Time・Additional reaction, harden by heating, molding time is half of compression molding.
 ※Thin and simple structure product, about 120 seconds
・When a base plate is in curing, the other is in demoulding, won’t waste time.
・It’s necessary for large mass production, cycle time can be controlled.
・Harden by heating, the molding time is twice as long as LIM.   ※Thin and simple structure products, about 360 to 420 seconds.

・Time wasted while in taking products ・Small production, mold costs to be controlled
DemouldingTake out by hand/ManipulatorTake out by hand
Further ProcessingSecond CuringIf necessary, assisted methodMust
Deflashing MethodEasier and more stable than compression molding.-
OthersMaterial RegrindN.A.Pre-molding materials, can be reused with vulcanizing agent.

If materials are normal ones, suggest no to reuse.
Foreign ObjectsWithout mixing, materials are injected, no foreign objects.Foreign objects might be found while in mixing and putting materials into mold.
AppearanceLifetime of texture is betterLifetime of texture is worse
Dimensions Precision/ DeviationSmall dimension deviationMaterial shrinkage is large.

Comparing to designed dimensions, the product’s can be control with ±0.2%Comparing to designed dimensions, the product’s in controlled within ±0.6%
Hardness DifferenceSmallDepends on hardness of material lots
Disruptive StrengthBetter than solid silicone(Middle Level)Normal(Can be heightened according to materials grades)
FlashLittle(Depends on mold precision)Depends on molding time and condition
Product Lifetime・DurabilityNo difference, depends on materials grades
StaticNo difference, depends on materials grades
StrengthNo difference, depends on materials grades