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Liquid Silicone Injection Molding Technique

Characteristics of liquid silicone

Liquid Silicone Rubber is a non-toxic, heat-resistant and highly resilient flexible thermosetting material. Its rheological behavior is mainly characterized by low viscosity, rapid solidification, shear thinning and high coefficient of thermal expansion.

LSR is a double liquid rapid vulcanization material using platinum as a catalyst. It can be injection molded, mass, rapid vulcanization, and repetitive mechanical production.

Its products are characterized by good thermal stability, cold resistance, excellent electrical insulation properties, and no toxic substances when burned.

Therefore, in the production design of health products, automobiles, baby products, medical supplies, diving equipment, kitchen utensils, and seals, etc.

Become an irreplaceable material.

Molding Process

LSR is a two-component liquid material divided into A component and B component. The mixer works to mix A and B components in a precise 1:1 ratio. Because some products are colored, they are equipped with a color pump set and a color metering part. A+B components, additives, colors, etc. are thoroughly mixed and then enter the plasticizing system. 

The plasticizing screw has the functions of homogenization and mixing, and the mixture is injected into the hot mold through a screw, and the curing reaction of the silica gel occurs at a mold temperature of 170 to 200 °C. 

When using a cold runner system, it is worth noting that the runner is cold enough. In order to avoid leakage of glue, the needle valve is mounted on the surface of the mold part, and when the injection is completed, the needle valve immediately closes the nozzle.

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