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Custom Made Leakproof Silicone Split Membrane Valve

  • Made of high elastic LFGB solid silicone

  • Custom made silicone split membrane valve and slit cuts

  • One way control membrane valve

  • Custom made leakproof silicone valves

  • Welcome OEM or ODM orders

Product Description

Model No.: YJHZ

Item Name: Custom Made Leakproof Silicone Split Membrane Valve Manufacturer for Medical Devices

Material: 100% LFGB Solid Silicone

Diameter: 16.4mm

Slit: Y cut, Cross Slit cut, Duckbill cut, etc.

Color: Blue (Pantone Number)

Feature: One Way Valve

Function: Leakproof

Application: Medical Devices


  1. Made of environment friendly LFGB food safe solid silicone.

  2. Processed by compression molding, with customized mold cavities.

  3. One way silicone split valve, with customized slits.

  4. Upside down testing, 7 days and 24 hours, no leakage.

  5. Welcome to visit our factory at your convenience, we're looking forward to working with you.


Custom Made Leakproof Silicone Split Membrane Valve