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16.5mm Silicone Rubber Valve

  • 1. Model No.: YJ-05

  • 2. Material: Food Grade Liquid Silicone

  • 3. Feature: One Way Silicone Rubber Valve

  • 4. Applications: Flip Top Caps

  • 5. MOQ: 50,000pcs/ lot

Product Description

Food Grade No Leakage 16.5mm Silicone Rubber Valve, Cross Slit Silicone Rubber Valve for Flip Top Caps

Yejia Silicone produces custom one way silicone rubber valves for over a decade, such as, no drip rubber valve, silicone duckbill valve, medical silicone check rubber valve and so on. We're experienced in compression molding, LSR injection molding and overmolding, highly welcome custom silicone one way rubber valves.

Silicone One Way Check Valves

Product Specification

The 16.5mm one way rubber valve is made of high quality LFGB and FDA food safe liquid silicone, processed by liquid injection molding and high precision punching, with various cross slit cuts. One squeeze, one dispensing, no leakage. As professional manufacturer of silicone check rubber valves, we highly welcome custom one way silicone rubber valves.

Item No.YJ-05
Item Name16.5mm Silicone Rubber Valve
MaterialFood Grade Liquid Silicone
Hardness30 Shore A
Slit Type Cross Slit
Slit Size3*3mm, 5*5mm, 6.5*6.5mm and 7.8*7.8mm
ProcessLiquid Injection Molding- Punching- Inspection- Packing- Shipping
UsageSports Bottle Caps, Flip Top Caps
PackagingStandard Export Packaging

Silicone One Way Check Valves

Silicone One Way Rubber Valve 2D Drawing

Here is the 2D drawing for your reference, if need 3D drawing for designing your dispensing systems, welcome to contact us.

Silicone One Way Check Valves

One Way Silicone Rubber Valve Production Processes

For every product, we'll set up the SOP and SIP, so to ensure the product quality. Should any chance, highly welcome to visit our factory.

Our Advantage

Over 10 years experience in producing silicone molded products, we've own 10,000 square meters silicone molding workshop. In order to meet the requirements for large volumes, our engineers have researched and developed the automatic punching production line with online CCD full inspection for slit cuts, which increase the daily capacity from 50,000pcs to 200,000pcs, almost 4 times higher than before. What's more, with the CCD full inspection, the product quality and stability have also improved a lot.

Silicone One Way Check Valves

Silicone Molding Workshop

We've set up various class 100,000 clean production workshops for different silicone molded products, for example, optical clean production workshop for silicon lens. If you're looking for custom molded silicone products, welcome to contact us.

Silicone One Way Check Valves

Quality Control

Our factory has been certified by ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO13485 and IATF16949. Also, we've been authorized as SONY Green Partner for supplying silicone covers for PS VR. For custom one way silicone rubber valve, welcome to contact us.

Silicone One Way Check Valves


Q: Can I get samples?

A: Yes, samples can be offered free of charge, shipping costs to be paid by customers.

Q: Can I use the mold of this 16.5mm silicone rubber  valve?

A: Yes, this one way silicone rubber valve is developed by our factory, with 4 kinds of cross slit cuts.

Q: Can I change the cross slit cut?

A: Yes, since the punching process is done after LSR injection molding, we can custom the slit cuts according to your requirements.

Q: What's the opening pressure?

A: We regret that we only have done leak proof test, for other tests, those are done by our customers themselves.

Q: What's the MOQ and lead time?

A: The MOQ is 50,000pcs, and lead time is 7-10 working days.

Q: Can I talk to your engineers?

A: Yes, we can set up the meeting by Google Meet or Teams, so you can discuss with them directly.


16.5mm Silicone Rubber Valve