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LSR Injection Molding Silicon Control Valve

  • Food grade LSR injection molding one way silicon valve

  • Various cross slit options for water enhancer, ketchup, honey, mayon and other sauces

  • Hardness can be custom made

  • Assembled silicon control valve with valve seat

  • Welcome OEM or ODM orders

  • Small orders acceptable

Product Description

Product Name: LSR Injection Molding One Way Cross Slit Silicon Control Valve for Water Enhancer

Material: Food Safe Liquid Silicone

Hardness: 30 Shore A

Process: LSR Injection Molding

Color: Transparent

Diameter: 10.5mm

Slit Options: Cross, Snowflake, Asterisk, etc.

Slit Size: 1.6*1.6mm, 2.7*2.7mm, 4.7*4.7mm

Product Viscosities: Water Enhancer, Ketchup, Honey, Mayonnaise, Syrup, Sauces and other liquids

Application: Food& Beverage, Sports Bottles, Medical, Cosmetic, Personal Care, etc.


1. Made of high quality food grade FDA& LFGB liquid silicone materials.

2. Processed by LSR injection molding, with high precision punching toolings.

3. One squeeze, one dispensing.

4. 7/24 hours upside-down leakproof testing.

5. Flow control angle within 30 degree.

6. Custom made one way silicone valves.

7. Over 10 years of experience in LIM molding and LSR overmolding, highly welcome custom made silicon control valves.


O.D. of Silicone ValveSlit OptionsCross Slit SizesO.D. of Valve Seat
9.8mmCross Slit, Snowflake, Asterisk, Duckbill, etc.2.7*2.7mm, 4.7*4.7mm12.5mm
10.5mmCross Slit, Snowflake, Asterisk, Duckbill, etc.1.7*1.7mm, 2.7*2.7mm, 4.7*4.7mm,12.2mm
16.5mmCross Slit, Snowflake, Asterisk, Duckbill, etc.4.7*4.7mm, 6.5*6.5mm, 7.4*7.4mm18.4mm


LSR Injection Molding Silicon Control Valve