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Silica Gel Dispensing Membrane Valve for Water Bottle

  • LFGB and FDA food safe super transparent liquid silicone materials

  • High elastic eco-friendly silica membrane valve

  • Customized snowflake slit

  • Welcome OEM and ODM orders

  • Assembled silica dispensing valve and valve seat

  • Excellent quality and factory price

Product Description

Product Name: Snowflake Cut Silica Gel Dispensing Membrane Valve for Water Bottle

Material: CHN-LIMS- 40A/B

Color: Transparent

Diameter: 9.7mm

Cut Shape: Snowflake

Hardness: 40 Shore A

Process: Liquid Injection Molding- Oven Treatment- Punching- Inspection- Dust Free- Packing- Warehouse-Shipping

Certificates: FDA, LFGB, RoHS, REACH, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO13485 and IATF16949

Feature: One Way Dispensing Valve

Application: Water Bottles


1. Made of high quality food grade liquid silicone material.

2. Processed by LSR injection molding, with high precision punching toolings.

3. No drips and spills, the silica gel valve is self-closing after squeezing.

4. 7 days and 24 hours upside-down leak-proof testing.

5. Flow control angle within 30 degree.

6. Over 10 years of experience in LIM molding and LSR overmolding, sizes, patterns and colors can be custom made.


Silica Gel Dispensing Membrane Valve for Water Bottle