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Silicone Cross Slit Valves

  • 1. Material: FDA& LFGB Liquid Silicone

  • 2. Process: Liquid Injection Molding

  • 3. Slit Type: Cross Slit, Snowflake, I Shape, Y Shape

  • 4. MOQ: 50,000pcs per lot

  • 5. Feature: Leak Proof, No Drip Silicone Cross Slit Valves

  • 6. Free Samples: Yes, Shipping Cost is Freight Collect

Product Description

Food Grade Liquid Injection Molding Silicone Cross Slit Valve, Leak Proof Silicone Cross Slit Valves

Yejia Silicone produces high quality and factory price silicone cross slit valves for over 10 years, every cross slit valve can pass the 7/24 hours inverted leak proof test. Processed by liquid injection molding and high precision punching, our silicone cross slit valves have been widely used by many famous brands. Welcome to contact us to get free samples for testing.LIM Silicone Cross Slit Valve

Product Specification

The leak proof silicone cross slit valve is made of high elastic and super transparent liquid silicone materials, with LFGB and FDA certifications, and processed by LSR injection molding, with high precision punching toolings, daily capacity reaches to 200,000pcs per day per line. All silicon cross slit valves can pass leak proof testing, and the dispensing angle is within ±15°. One squeeze, one dispensing, no leakage, no extra slits.

Item No.:YJ-01, YJ-03, YJ-05
Item Name:Silicone Cross Slit Valves
Material:Food Grade Liquid Silicone
Hardness:30 Shore A
Outer Diameter:9.8mm, 10.5mm, 16.5mm
Slit Type:Cross, Snowflake, Asterisk, etc.
Slit Size:1.7*1.7mm, 3*3mm, 5*5mm, 6.5*6.5mm, 7.8*7.8mm
Process:Liquid Injection Molding
Product Viscosities:Ketchup, Honey, Mayonnaise, Syrup, Sauces and other liquids

LIM Silicone Cross Slit Valve

Silicone Cross Slit Valve and Plastic Valve Seat Specifications:

Item NameSlit OptionCross Slit SizeO.D. of Valve Seat (PP Ring)
9.8mm Cross Slit Silicone ValveCross Slit, Snowflake, Asterisk, I shape, Y shape, etc.
2.7*2.7mm, 4.7*4.7mm11.85mm
10.5mm Silicone Control Valve1.7*1.7mm, 4.7*4.7mm, 7.4*7.4mm12.2mm
16.5mm Silicone One Way Valve4.7*4.7mm, 7.4*7.4mm18.4mm

Silicone Cross Slit Valves

Silicone Cross Slit Valves 2D Drawings

For below 3 sizes, we've developed the silicone injection molds and cross slit punching tools, if choosing the SKUs, there will no toolings costs. For different sizes or customized slit cuts, we'll have to develop new liquid injection molds or punching tools, there will be costs for tooling and jigs. Contact us to get the best quotation.

Liquid injection molding silicone cross slit valve

Liquid injection molding silicone cross slit valve

Liquid injection molding silicone cross slit valve

Food Grade Silicone Cross Slit Valves Production Flow

Why Choose Us

Silicone cross slit valves are getting popular in different applications, because of it's unique advantage comparing to silicone sealing rings. Not only, it can be used for sealing, but also, the silicon valves can be used to control the liquid or air flow. As, the silicone valve is designed to prevent the back flow of air or fluid. Dividing by different raw materials, there are food grade silicone cross slit valve, medical grade silicone check valve, industrial rubber duckbill valve, fluorosilicone oil-resistant one way valve and so on.

Yejia silicone as a professional manufacturer of liquid injection molding silicone valves, for these silicone cross slit valves, we've built the automatic punching production lines, which increase the daily capacity for each line to 200,000pcs, which is 4 times higher than before, so to meet large volumes requirements.

LIM Silicone Cross Slit Valve

Quality Control

Our factory has been certified by ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO13485& IATF16949. With completed quality management systems, we've established cooperations with many Fortune 500 enterpries. Welcome custom liquid injection molding silicone cross slit valves.

LIM Silicone Cross Slit Valve

LIM Silicone Cross Slit Valve


Q: Can I get free samples?

A: Yes, pls. let us know the specifications needed, we'll check the SKUs and provide free samples for checking. Kindly noted that shipping costs to be freight collect.

Q: Can I change the slit size of silicone cross slit valve?

A: Yes, slit size and slit cut can be customized.

Q: Does the silicone cross slit valve come with assembled valve seat?

A: Since the silicone cross slit valve is just put into the valve seat, it's not fixed, and might fall off while in transportation. Therefore, the silicone cross slit valve and valve seat are shipped separately.

Q: What's the flow rate and opening pressure of these leak proof silicone cross slit valves?

A: We regret that these data are tested by our customers.

Q: Can I customize a no drip silicone cross slit valve?

A: Yes, as an OEM silicone injection molding manufacturer, we highly welcome custom silicone control valves.

Q: Can I visit your factory?

A: Yes, highly welcome to visit us, contact us to arrange the visiting.


Silicone Cross Slit Valves