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9.8mm Cross Slit Silicone Valve

  • 1. Model No.: YJ-01

  • 2. Material: FDA& LFGB Food Grade Liquid Silicone

  • 3. Technology: LSR Injection Molding

  • 4. Slit Type: Cross Slit Silicone Valve

  • 5. Slit Size: 1.7*1.7mm, 3*3mm, 5*5mm

  • 6. Feature: Leak Proof Silicone Valve

  • 7. MOQ: 50,000pcs/ lot

Product Description

Food Grade Cross Slit Silicone Valve for Dispensing Closure, 9.8mm Cross Slit Silicone Valves Factory

Yejia silicone produces premium quality and factory price silicone valves, such as, cross slit silicone valves, medical silicone check valves, duckbill valves, silicone umbrella valves and so on. Experienced in compression moulding, LSR injection molding and silicone overmolding, welcome custom cross slit silicone valves.

9.8mm Cross Slit Silicone Valve

Product Specification

The leak proof silicone valve is made of high elastic and super transparent liquid silicone material, with LFGB and FDA certifications. Processed by LSR injection molding and automation punching line with CCD full inspection. One squeeze, one dispensing, no leakage after 7/24 hours leak proof test. The dispensing angle is within ±15 degrees. If you're looking for custom flow control silicone valves, welcome to contact us.

Item No.YJ-01
Product Name9.8mm Cross Slit Silicone Valve
MaterialFood Grade Liquid Silicone
Hardness30 Shore A
Slit TypeCross Slit
Slit Size1.7*1.7mm, 3*3mm, 5*5mm
ProcessLSR Injection Molding
Product ViscosityKetchup, Honey, Mayonnaise, Syrup, Sauces and other liquids

9.8mm Cross Slit Silicone Valve

Cross Slit Silicone Valves Specifications

Item Name
O.D. (mm)Slit TypeSlit Size (mm)Valve Seat O.D. (mm)
9.8mm Cross Slit Silicone Valve9.8mmCross Slit, Snowflake, Asterisk2.1*2.1/3*3/3.6*3.6/5*5mm11.85mm
10.5mm Leak Proof Silicone Valve10.5mmCross Slit3*3/5*5mm12.3mm
16.5mm One Way Silicone Valve16.5mmCross Slit3*3/5*5/6.5*6.5/7.8*7.8mm18.6mm

Food Grade Cross Slit Silicone Valve

Cross Slit Silicone Valve Production Process


Custom Molded Silicone Products

As the professional manufacturer of custom molded silicone products, we highly welcome OEM designs. Here is the process for custom silicone molding products.

9.8mm Cross Slit Silicone Valve

Customer Feedbacks

For over a decade, we've received many compliments from customers worldwide, and we've been authorized as SONY Green Partner for supplying VR light shield. Welcome custom molded flow control silicone valves.

9.8mm Cross Slit Silicone Valve


Q: What is silicone valve?

A: Silicone valve is a kind of elastic valve, made of silicone material, mainly processed by LSR injection molding, is designed to better control the flow of fluid under preset pressure and vacuum.

Q: What types of silicone valves are there?

A: For now, we've produced silicone check valve, silicone duckbill valve, silicone umbrella valve, silicone flapper valve, cross slit silicone valve, silicone dome valve, silicone vent and relief valve, silicone dispensing valve and other custom flow control silicone valves.

Q: What's the application of cross slit silicone valves?

A: Cross slit silicone valve can be used for food and beverage dispensing closures, such as, ketchup, syrup, water, concentrates and other liquids and sauces.

Q: What's the function of cross slit silicone valves?

A: It's designed to open and close at a certain pressure, typically, for dispensing liquids, powders or gases.

Q: What materials available for cross slit silicone valves?

A: Due to the different applications, the raw materials can be divided into food grade silicone, medical grade silicone, Fluorosilicone (FVMQ) and rubber.

Q: How is the cross slit silicone valve assembled?

A: The cross slit silicone valve will be combined with plastic valve seat, then fixed into the dispensing closure as a whole set.

Q: What slit cut options are available for silicone valves?

A: At present, we have produced various slit cuts, such as cross slit, snowflake, I shape, Y shape, highly welcome custom slit cuts.

Q: What hardness are available for cross slit silicone valves?

A: Silicone hardness range from 5 to 80 Shore, and we usually recommend to choose 30, 40 or 50 Shore A.

Q: What are the advantages of producing cross slit silicone valves in your company?

A: From mould design and making, prototyping, mass production mold manufacturing, liquid injection molding, plastic injection molding, quality control and customer support, all processes are handled in-house. With completed quality management systems, such as, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO13485, IATF16949, ERP and MES, our flexible production lines are able to meet the needs of our customers for both large and small orders.


9.8mm Cross Slit Silicone Valve