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17.9mm Cross Slit Valves

  • 1. Made of LFGB& FDA food grade liquid silicone

  • 2. Processed by high precision Liquid Injection Molding

  • 3. Designed for bottom filling cups, no leaking problem

  • 4. Reusable and Eco-friendly silicone cross slit valves

  • 5. Professional silicone molding products manufacturer

Product Description

Liquid Injection Molding No Leak Cross Slit Valves for Beer Dispensing, Custom Silicone Cross Slit Valves

Our factory has produced various silicone valves for different dispensing systems, such as, no drip valve for sports bottle, umbrella valve for flavor control, duckbill valve for liquid toothpaste dispensing. For custom cross slit valves, welcome to contact us.

17.9mm Cross Slit Valves

Product Specification

The cross slit valve is made of high quality and food grade liquid silicone, with FDA and LFGB certifications, processed by liquid injection molding and automatic cross slit punching line with CCD full inspection to control the quality. Designed for bottom beer filling dispensing system, this eco-friendly and reusable silicone cross slit valve helps decrease the usage of disposable plastic cups. Welcome custom silicone cross slit valves.

Item No.YJ-13
Item Name17.9mm Cross Slit Valves
MaterialFDA& LFGB Food Grade Silicone
ProcessLiquid Injection Molding
Hardness50 Shore A
Slit TypeCross Slit
Slit Size5.5*5.5mm/ 6.9*6.9mm
ApplicationBeer Dispensing System

17.9mm Cross Slit Valves

Silicone Cross Slit Valve Production Flow

At the very beginning, we choose the high precision LSR injection molding, the tolerance will be much tighter than compression molding, which is why we can guarantee to our customers that there is no leakage after 7 days/ 24 hours inverted leak proof testing. Our production line is very flexible, no matter small order at prototyping stage, or large order at peak seasons needs, we can adjust our punching lines to meet the production schedule.

1. LSR Injection Molding2. Secondary Vulcanization3. Full Inspection4. Apperance Check
5. Automatic Punching6. Spot Check7. Dust Removal8. Packing& Shipping

17.9mm Cross Slit Valves

Why Choose Yejia Silicone

For over 13 years, we focus on manufacturing optical grade, medical grade and food grade custom liquid and solid silicone molding products, for silicone check valves, we'd recommend to start with prototype mold to validate at first, the prototype mold lead time is usually around 7-10 working days. After validation, we'll move forward to mass production mold, it takes 15 to 25 working days, depends on the product structures.

17.9mm Cross Slit Valves

In-House Mold Making Department

To offer customer one stop solution, our factory has own own mold manufacturing facilities, with imported high precision production and inspection equipment, we can produce simple silicone gasket, also, we can produce flash free optical silicon lens, welcome custom silicone molded products.

17.9mm Cross Slit Valves

Quality Control

With advanced inspection instruments and professional quality control persons, not a single defective product can be flow out from our factory, to ensure 100% qualified products is always our goal. For custom cross slit valves, welcome to contact us.

17.9mm Cross Slit Valves


Q: Can I get samples?

A: Yes, free samples can be offered, shipping costs to be freight collect.

Q: Can I use the mold of these silicone cross slit valves?

A: For public sizes, O.D. 9.8mm, 10.5mm and 16.5mm, the mold is free of charge. For customized silicon cross slit valves, we regret that you may need to develop your own mold for mass production orders.

3. Q: How to customize a cross slit valve?

A: Please offer us 2D, 3D or actual samples for evaluation.

4. Q: Can I change the hardness, slit type and slit size of silicone cross slit valves?

A: Yes, kindly offer us the specified requirements.

5. Q: What's the opening pressure or cracking pressure?

A: Since the container and testing agent is different, we can offer free samples, customers do the testing themselves.

6. Q: Do you accept customized packaging?

A: Yes, no matter we can offer standard export packaging, also, we welcome custom made packaging.

7. Q: Can I visit your factory?

A: Yes, please contact us to arrange the visiting.


17.9mm Cross Slit Valves