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The Right Way to the Goddess Festival

Mar. 08, 2019

About Goddess Day, it is the festival of all the female. How did YEJIA Optical (Silicone Division), who has always been sincere, prepare surprises for us?

Let’s have a look!

It’s 8 am in the silicone LSR Injection Molding workshop, certainly this time is suit for morning reading. On Goddess Day we should not only be beautiful, but also self-cultivation and the enhance charm. All the 200 employees take out our YEJIA Optical Silicone Division’s exclusive culture brochure and read it together

Life needs sense of ritual, all the female workers of the company stand in a line, while the male workers stand opposite to them, hand out a rose to the woman and say Happy Goddess day. Moreover, every woman will receive a gift, such as a box of chocolate, an umbrella or a water bottle and so on.

A gift of romance and practicality embodies the company’s thoughtfulness, what’s more every woman feels the most sincere intention of the company.

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The Right Way to the Goddess Festival

The Right Way to the Goddess Festival

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